China Glaze On Safari I’m Not Lion Swatch and Review

Hey There Everyone!

I have been stamp stamp stamping lately but today I have a quick swatch to show you. Does anyone else get the feeling I always have  a “quick” something to show you these days? Let’s just face it… those are just words. I’m usually not that quick and I think my posts are generally about the same length. This is the last time you’ll read those words. (maybe) 😉

Let’s just get to the nails. 🙂

China Glaze On Safari I’m Not Lion

This picture is blurry on purpose to catch some of the awesome scattered holo goodness. It’s quite pronounced in the right light. 🙂


Mannnnn…. if heaven was a beach, this would be the color of the sand. I love this color. It’s a mix of gold, champagne and a little silver glitter with plenty of scattered holographic glitter. It’s absolutely beautiful. I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 🙂


Heavenly. The glitter is so fine that it goes on super-smooth. Even glitter haters can love this one. It’s the least gritty opaque glitter I have ever worn. Again, I love this. Oh and- it’s pretty much opaque in 2 coats, I like 3.

Yes, Please or No, Thank You:

Sticking with the heaven references, if you can’t tell if I’m gonna give I’m Not Lion a Yes, Please! or No, Thank You… you’re probably going to Hell. Okay okay just kidding, but seriously- this is a resounding Yes, PLEASE!! Ahhhhhhhhh (angels singing) I love this polish. If you don’t already have this, do yourself a favor and go get this before it’s all gone. 🙂

Do you have this? Do you love this? Are you offended by my heaven/hell references? Wait, don’t answer that last one. 😉 Let me know what you think about this amazing sand-of-heaven glitter! Thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀

39 thoughts on “China Glaze On Safari I’m Not Lion Swatch and Review

  1. Stop making me wanting all of your nail colors and designs! Seriously, I’m gonna go bankrupt if you keep doing this to me 😉 … So, how much does this cost? :))
    (I have no idea how correct my english is, just make up your own sentences out of my comments and they turn out perfect! ;))

    • Your English has been perfect so far!! 🙂 Good thing too, cuz all I know in Norwegian is some prayer. And I say uff da all the time but I don’t even know if that’s a Norwegian thing or a Norwegians that settled in North Dakota kind of thing. Haha. Tell your wallet I said sorry! Haha. There are just so many awesome polishes to try and share! 🙂 China Glaze is pretty inexpensive here. I get mine for about 5 dollars but some people can find them for like 3. What is your favorite nail polish brand that you buy locally?

      • Perfect? Hm, not for so long 😉

        Hahha, you say uff da? Awesome. Yeah it’s a norwegian expression 😀
        My wallet forgive you, for now… 😉

        I don’t have so many nail polishes, but the easiest brands to get here is Essie or Trind, so I choose Essie. Ofcourse there are some cheap nail polishes, and I think nail polishes from Isa Dora aren’t that bad, so I just buy them 😀 But I’m going to the US in september with my school, maybe I’ll find some awesome nail polishes there 😀

        • That’s awesome that uff da is like an authentic Norwegian saying. I wasn’t sure! I thought maybe it was jus something that got changed along the way and was unrecognizable to actual Norwegians now. Haha.

          Essie is a good brand. It’s funny how in such a global economy it’s still hard to get certain things. I bet when you come to the US you’re gonna get so much stuff!! You should definitely try some China Glaze if you find some you like cuz their formula is great and they’re inexpensive. OPIs go for like $8-something and ChG is so much less expensive and w a better formula if you ask me. 🙂

  2. i loveeeeed this polish!!
    i love polishes that have small glitter on it, so easy to apply and remove and always look good.

    everytime i read your blog i dream of my chicago trip and all the money i’m going to spend buying polish!!

    • Oh my gosh I know.. you’re gonna have to spend a fortune!!! I absolutely love this polish, too (as if you couldn’t tell). 😉 I usually gravitate towards more chunky glitters but this is like soooo nice that I just can’t say a bad thing about it. I mostly love how it’s sort of neutral yet sparkly. 🙂

      • I must find the cheapest place on chicago in order to buy more more and moreeee! I’m even thinking in getting another credit card only for buying stuff for my nails, but i keep saying myself: don’t be stupid, don’t be stupid..!

        • Haha yeah you probably don’t wanna be paying interest on nail polish. Just set yourself a budget and make a list of what you wanna find while you’re here. That’s what I’d have to do so I didn’t just blow my money on impulse buys and go home w out any of the things I’d been looking forward to getting forever. What are some specific things you wanna get?

          • for now:
            -china glaze polish, i just love the safari collection because I need brown shades
            -matte polish
            -konad polishes for the plates
            -the “caviar” stuff for the nails
            -the tipping tool..

            and i just want to spend $100.00 .. but my priority are tipping tool and brands i can’t get here easily or cheap.

            • That’s probably doable. Although I don’t know where you’lll find the plates and Konad polishes without spending a lot of money (Konad plates, as I’m sure you know, are expensive). I usually order mine. But it’s Chicago so there should be some nail stores and stuff that have what you’re looking for. A good matte top coat is Essie Matte About you and you can find that for no more than like 8 bucks. The China Glazes shouldn’t set you back more than like 6 dollars apiece so then you’ll just have to search for the plates. 🙂 What tipping tool are you talking about?

              • i want simple tipping tools, the most easy to use and the most common, i can’t get tipping tools here..! and sometimes working with toothpicks it’s difficult because they’re so small..!
                now that you mentioned, i saw the essie matte about you in the drugstore on saturday, i forgot about it, the price was 10.75.. how much does essie polishes cost overthere?
                the plates you’re right, is better to order it.. the thing is that i have to pay a lot to get it..! i purchased a set of shany plates (11.95 on amazon) + konad scraper and stamper (3.95 on amazon).. it looks cheap right.. i paid almost 35 dollars.. they didn’t come together so I had to pay 2 different shipping rates to Panama..

                Well, my priorities will be china glaze polishes, maybe a few sephora ones (i loooovee sephora and miss it so much) and the tipping tools..

                • Are tipping tools the same as dotting tools?

                  Danngggg that’s expensive for shipping. Did you already get the shany plates? If so, how do you like them?? I like some of the designs but wasn’t sure how they’d work.

                  • hahaha.. you’re right the name is dotting tools.. i was confused.. i’m glad i mentioned it haha!

                    it is expensive, and they’re picky, they won’t ship nail polish…

                    well, regarding the shany plates, the thing is that i’m still learning how to use the plates.. but TODAY i discover why it is so difficult for me.. after I change the way i was working with the plate, they worked waay better..!

                    i think you should buy it if you like it, the whole bunch is pretty cheap!!

                    • I probably will then next time I wanna spend some polish money. 🙂 What did you do differently that made all the difference? Oh and I forgot to tell you- Essie Matte About You is like 7 bucks I think here.

                    • is cheaper there.. I will have to think about it.. ahhaha

                      well, i learned how to use the plates from a friend of mine, who was more experience with this stuff.. she taught me on her BM plates using konad polish, and she only applied coat on less than the half of the design and used the scrapper to “spread” the polish to the whole design.
                      i was doing the same thing, but i’m not sure if the plates are not good (don’t think is the reason TBH) or if i’m not using the best polish (i think this is the real reason) but i had to try 4 or 5 times before getting the full design on my stamper.
                      So, today, I was to tired of doing that, and when I only had one nail missing, I applied polish to the whole design and the stamp transferred the beeest design I have ever had on my thumbnail ..

                    • Oh good!!! That’s a smart method that your friend showed you. It conserves polish that way but honestly, I always apply polish to the whole design. I hate having bald spots so I’d rather “waste” a little polish than have to re-do my stamp. But- that is very smart! I’m glad you got yours to work and got your best design yet! 🙂

                    • Oh yeah I can relate. It’s soo aggravating when it just won’t go right. When that happens- its time for a stamped accent finger. Haha.

      • It’s just a time issue. I really wanted to re-do my nails last night (because I bought the copper Essie metallic, hahahaha, but feel that I was “good” because I didn’t buy all the rest of them, lol), but didn’t have time, and want to do them tonight, but am already pretty sure it won’t happen. I really want things to change in my life!

        • Oh well, you know, if you’re too busy to do your nails… there could be worse things. I am not really too busy but then I mess around and don’t do them till like 1am and then end up staying up till like 2:30 and get less sleep than is really healthy or good before work and then repeat that every day for the whole summer. I’m kinda wanting to leave my nails I’m wearing tonight and just get to bed half early but everyone kinda expects me to have different nails each day so I’m like…hmmm… what to do. Moral dilemma! haha

  3. omg this is amazing! I was looking at it in our local nail suppl store and it’s so sparkly! It really looks good on you!

    • Thank you! It IS sooo sparkly!! I love it. 🙂 And thanks… I liked how it kinda matched my skin (except that I’m not all sparkly like that, of course. haha). You should grab it next time you’re in there 🙂

  4. The more I look at this glitter, the more I think I already have a dupe for it. Do you have the color club beyond the mistletoe collection? I think there is a glitter that is super similar to this one in that collection. In fact, that whole collection is awesome…it’s all holo glitter. Is this the usual glitter removal nightmare?

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