Swirly Blue and Purple Nails

Good Morning Everyone!

I just love stamping my nails. It’s easy, KIND OF quick, and has a big impact. I bet you all knew I kinda like stamping my nails without me even telling you, huh? ;) Haha. Today I’m just going to do a quick post and show you the nails. I hope you like them!

Swirly Blue and Purple Nails

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with ChG For Audrey. I used 3 coats.
  3. Apply a healthy layer of topcoat and allow to dry thoroughly. I use Seche Vite.
  4. Using stamp RA113 and SH Brisk Blue, stamp the design on each nail.
  5. Using Ulta Celebutante and a dotting tool or a toothpick, dot the purple polish into the smallest of the circles.
  6. Give your dots plenty of time to dry (we don’t want streaking!!) then apply your topcoat carefully. :)

I love adding a little detail to a stamped design. People think I’m wearing the SH nail polish strips when I do this. I love it when people don’t believe I did my nails myself!! :D Let me know what you think about these nails! Thank you all so much for reading and commenting, and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :)

22 thoughts on “Swirly Blue and Purple Nails

    • Aren’t they just the best??? As you can tell I pretty much always use the full-nail designs. I just can’t say enough how getting stamping plates have changed my nail polish life. Stamping, seche vite and probably the eyeliner brush cleanup method has created the polish monster that I am today. ;) Which brand of plates do you have?

        • That’s a great plan but if you like the SE kit you’re gonna LOVE a bundle monster kit. The owl stamp is in the new 2012 set if you’re interested. :) If you try some other stamping plates make sure to check back and let me know how you like em!! :D

  1. when I had my zebra prints, people asked me where I bought the paper strips, they didn’t believe it neither.. I was all like : I’m an nail artist you know.. your nail could be my canvas.. ! they still don’t believe me hahaa!

    i like the purple dot.. but how does this stamp looks without the dot? it seems that is has a dot inclded or is it just another circle?

    • Haha their nails definitely could be your canvas… They just have no clue, huh? :) Without the dot it’s just an empty small circle. The design alone is just all the concentric circles so in the tiniest circle of each set of circles I added the little purple dot. :)

    • Ahhh it does look like ring of water huh? I always love hearing what other people think the designs look like! My husband just set my pool up this weekend! YAY!!! To be fair tho I should tell you it’s only like 3 feet deep but I still love it!!! :D I’m hoping to do a little floating tomorrow after work. :)

  2. These look great! They look so detailed and intricate. Maybe I’m just drawn to the blue right now because it is calming.
    I feel like I need to get this SH Brisk Blue…I’ve seen various peeps use it for stamping!

    • Yeah you definitely should. It’s a nice blue. :) I use a lot of insta dri polishes for stamping. For whatever reason I’ve just been drawn to blues, too. In fact I was thinking about painting my toenails blue but idk… might go w a neon purple.

  3. Love the colors you used for this! lol..the sally hansen nail strips…they’re making nail art seem like a joke to do yourself!

    • Yeah they’re definitely making it more easily attainable but if you do it yourself you can do it cheaper and also have unlimited possibilities. We win! ;)

      • lol! Yay us! Yea, I look at them and then at the price and think, we can do this at home! It is nice that there’s no drying time though lol

        • No drying time is nice but I also wonder if I could even like them with probably no tip wrapping of the color and also such a small amount of paint on my nails. I like my polish kinda thick and can not LIVE w/o wrapping my tips. But- no drying time is super good. I just can’t afford 5-10 bucks each time I wanna do my nails. And I like doing them myself. :)

  4. Thanks to you, Insta Dry nail polishes are now on my growing list. Ugh! I love your nails and I love the color combo even more!!! I always have people ask me if I’m wearing nail strips…uhm, no!!!! When I try to explain stamping and dotting to them, they look at me like I have a second head so it doesn’t help much.

    • Awww thanks! And you’re welcome for enabling your polish binge that you KNOW is about to happen any time now. ;)

      Yeah when people are like are those the strips/press ons/ etc and I say it’s a stamp and try to explain it they STILL think its the nail polish strips. Whatever, I just say thank you when they compliment them. :)

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