Stamped Owl Nails

Good Morning Polished People! And to my readers in the US- Happy Fourth Of July!! :D

I have really been loving my new stamping plates. I’ve been impressing the kids at the park and just having fun trying new color combinations and different designs. :) One of the designs I was most excited to get was this owl stamp. I just love owls. I have owl necklaces, owl rings, owl earrings, owl salt and pepper shakers (don’t even ask) and just love all things owl. Put an owl on it- and I’ll buy it :) So of course, I loved this stamp. Let’s have a peek-

Stamped Owl Nails

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Apply 2-3 coats of OPI Steady As She Rose.
  3. Apply Seche Vite, allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. When your nails are completely dry and hard, use stamp BM 309 and SH Pronto Purple to stamp the full-nail owl design onto each nail.
  5. Apply your topcoat carefully.
  6. Blow people’s minds with your cute owly nails ;)

I don’t particularly love the color combination that I chose here, but I love love LOVE this stamp. I think maybe in the future I’ll go with more 70s-type colors to go with the owls. I think a brown base and orange owls might be cool, or a greige base with brown or even black owls… hmmm.. we’ll see.

What do you think about these nails? Do you like owls, or are you getting sick of them? It used to be hard to find things with owls on them but for a while now it seems you can’t throw a stick without hitting something with an owl on it. As always, thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing! I hope you all have a fun and safe Independence Day!

27 thoughts on “Stamped Owl Nails

  1. rumor has it that owls bring good luck to doctors, so all the doctors i’ve been to, have a lot of owls in the waiting room..
    i’ve always loved owls, their eyes are amazing.

    I only have one necklace of an owl and whenever i wear it, people always compliment it..!

    Loved the stamp, but i would use it upside down (i’m not sure how to translate, but what I meant is that I would use with the head in the top of the nail instead of at the bottom)

    • I did not know that! People always love my owl stuff too, I think even tho there’s quite a bit of it out there it’s still unique enough that it catches people’s eyes. :) And I totally agree w you on the placement of the stamp. I don’t usually do nails w pictures that have a right/wrong side up and when I was done I was like “Hm… This is weird!” and then had to do these awkward pictures to show them. Stamping fail! Haha. Hopefully I learned my lesson. :)

    • Thanks! I love these stamps. And there’s a small free-standing owl too that is really cute and I think is begging me to be on an accent nail. :)

  2. The owls are adorable. I haven’t seen this stamping plate before, it is so unique. Great job.

  3. Ask about what, I also have owl salt and pepper shakers… Love this, I don’t really do stamping (because I kinda fail every time I try), but I may need this plate.

    • You have got to get this plate! How do you fail?? I bet you just need a little mode practice. It’s easy once you get the hang of it. :) I said don’t ask cuz I actually collect salt and pepper shakers! Yes- like an old woman!! Hahaha.

    • Thanks :) its been fun trying a lot of these out. I love the owls but would like to do something different w them in the future. Steady as she rose is such a good base. I wore it again for some other nails like 2 days later. It’s one of my go-to nail art bases. That and Skull and Glossbones. :)

    • Thank you! I love owls so naturally this is one of my faves. Although I really like the houndstooth design also. Who am I kidding… I like them all. :)

  4. Aaahhh…you are blowing my mind with your cute, owly nails!!! I like the color combo, but can totally see it in retro-y type color combos, as well.
    I have the same situation as mariaemmafaria…my friend got me an owl necklace for Christmas and I always get comments on it! I’ll Tweet you a pic of it someday.

    • Oooh that would be awesome! And thanks about the nails. I wanted to do these super cute orange slices last night but there’s something wrong w that plate. It won’t let my stamper pick up any nail polish. I was so disappointed. I emailed BM so hopefully they can just send me out another plate or something. I LOVE that design!!

  5. I have issues with birds. I hate birds. They freak me the F out and can’t stand looking at them. lol For years I was unable to look at chicken. I still don’t eat any poultry except boneless chicken breast. I don’t even eat turkey at Thanksgiving. Ok, so you must deduce that these aren’t my favorite nails. lol I do like the color combo and that color stamps really well!

    • I also hate birds… but not to look at pictures of them. What freaks you out about them? The fact that they fly does it for me. I even hate butterflies. No joke. The fact that they can fly in my face freaks me out beyond belief. Also I hate moths (more than butterflies) and mosquito eaters most of all. I will seriously FLIP OUT if one gets in the house. I’ve always been terrified of them. :(

      Oh- in other news- the last couple of days some kids have been bringing their hamsters to the park (WHY???) and every time they get near me I’m like “Ahh! Get it away!” haha. They ick me out. They’re basically misshapen rats. Ew.

      • I just think birds are disgusting and ugly. I hate the feathers, I hate their feet and talons. OMG…i just dry heaved…not kidding. I don’t like bugs, I don’t like reptiles…I wouldn’t have any pet except a dog (and you know how that ended up) Why are kids taking hamster to a park? That seems weird.

        • Oh my gosh I laughed so hard when you said you dry heaved!!! Bird gross me out too. My mom told me one time they carry bird lice (no clue is that’s true, also don’t care) and now even thinking about them my head itches. :(

          Why are they bringing a hamster to the park? EXCELLENT QUESTION!!! Idk why their moms would even let them! I hope they quit bringing them because they are grossing me out. One of the girls tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around and she kinda held the hamster in my face and I totally jumped and screamed. One of the teen boys was laughing so hard at me!! Ew to hamsters and birds. Barf.

          • I am curious as to why like owls if you don’t like birds?
            I do not hate them as much as you two do, but I would never have one as a pet. Same with hamsters.

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