Vintage Flag 4th of July Nails!!!

Good Morning Polished People!!

For those of you in the United States, tomorrow is Independence Day!! Usually my family would get together, have a BBQ, light fireworks, etc but this year I think we’ll just have dinner with my parents or maybe do something with my in-laws and keep it pretty low key. It’s kind of awkward on a Wednesday because everyone works the day before and the day after. Doesn’t really allow for much preparation or a very late night. Oh well. My poor doggies will probably be freaking out but thankfully it’s just one night a year. I’m sure they’ll live. 🙂 To celebrate, I have some nails that are verrry patriotic and although they didn’t come out as well as I was hoping, I was still kinda pleased with them. You take a look and tell me what you think, ok?

Vintage Flag Nails

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails white. This time I used OPI Alpine Snow.
  3. Apply a coat of your favorite fast dry top coat. I like Seche Vite.
  4. Allow the white to dry thoroughly.
  5. When the white is dry, use tape to tape the tips of your nails off at a diagonal. You should be leaving the part closest to your cuticle bare, with the tips taped off.
  6. Use stamp SE22 and Cult Nails Time Traveler (or another opaque navy blue) to stamp the stars design onto each nail.
  7. Give the stars a few minutes to dry, and then carefully tape them off (cover them with tape, lining the edge of the tape up with the edge of the stars). I used blue painter’s tape because the adhesive is a little more gentle than scotch tape. If you use scotch, make sure that you stick it to your hand a few times to remove some of the stickiness. Instead of tape, you could even use post-it notes, you don’t need it to seal, only to prevent the next stamp from getting onto your stars.
  8. When your stars are taped off, use stamp RA106 and SH Rapid Red to stamp on the wavy design.
  9. Give the red a second to dry, then carefully apply your topcoat.
  10. Show yo’ friends!

I was disappointed with these nails because the red stamp in particular didn’t pick up or transfer as well as I wanted it to. These are very un-stamping-queen-like nails 😦 However, if you look at them as “vintage” it makes sense! Haha. The faded red looks vintage so… that’s what I went with. I don’t know if the polish didn’t pick up well due to the stamp or if I was too slow so it dried and therefore didn’t transfer… but it was disappointing. I’m kinda sad about these nails. I had such high hopes… and such a crappy result. Let’s face it- it’s practically a disasticure. :-/

What kind of nails are you going to wear for the Fourth? Do any of you do anything too exciting? To people in countries besides the US, what are on your nails today? 🙂 As always thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!!! 😀

28 thoughts on “Vintage Flag 4th of July Nails!!!

    • You needed them like yesterday!! Haha. Thanks for the compliment. I just was sad that the stamps were a little raggedy on the edges. Maybe it was me or maybe just the stamp, either way, when I did these I couldn’t get them to cooperate. :-/

      • Oh, these aren’t a disaster! These nails brought me to your page! I like that they look like vintage flags. (And thank you for replying to me, to let me know that you were posting the tutorial, btw.) Unfortunately, I’m new to all of this nail stuff, and only discovered yesterday that people were using nail stamps and tape to create some of these gorgeous designs. I won’t be able to do this design by tomorrow. But did do a simple red and white stripped pattern, with a blue french tip on my daughter’s nails. I’m happy with it. Still….now I’ve got to invest in nail stamps! And I can’t wait to do your jelly sandwich, also! Thanks for sharing!

        • Oh you’re welcome!! I didn’t want you to come to the site and be like “what the heck?? These nails aren’t there!!” haha. Sometimes beautylish followers get em first, sometimes blog followers and very often twitter followers get a sneak peek. 🙂

          I’m glad you like them!! Just wait till you get some stamps- your nails will never be the same!! 😉 I bet your daughter’s nails look cute! That sounds perfect for 4th of July. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting. 😀

  1. Nicole, I loved the nails from the vintage point of view, I think they look beautiful. I wish I could use the stamps like that..!
    I live in Panama, so my patriotic nails will be shown on november.. (we have a lot of patriotic holidays that month).
    Right now, on my nails are a bi-color manicure (two nails black and the others electric neon pink with a zebra print in the top)

    • Aww thanks so much!! Your nails sound super cute too! I love zebra print but now that I’m thinking about it I think I only did it once! I should do something zebra-y 😉 You said you have lots of patriotic holidays in November… I’m guessing one is an independence day but what are the others for?

  2. Wow! This is super-ambitious and therefore impressive to me. I would jack these up even thinking about doing them!
    I did my nails last night with Orly’s Lunar Eclipse. So sort of patriotic, I guess…they’re blue, haha. I briefly thought about gettin’ fancy with it and was like, nah, no time. I kind of regret doing it because I’m going to have to do them again on Thursday night for a job interview on Friday morning. I don’t even want to go because I already have misgivings about the position…I think it’s a step backward, but I figure can’t hurt to practice.

    • That’s true!! Practice is always good. These actually weren’t that hard! The stamps do most of the work. I bet you could do a dual stamp mani once you practice w your stamps more! 🙂 I did these in order to post them but now my nails are very unpatriotic. They’re just teal and blue and purple. Oh and a little orange. I stamped and dotted them for a guest post on a different blog (The Little Canvas). I SHOULD do something patriotic again for tomorrow but… I’m actually planning on wearing my new ChG On Safari glitter- I’m Not Lion. I’m dying to try it. 🙂

  3. I think you did such a great job with your nails. I think that if the stamping had been super perfect, it wouldn’t have the cool feel that they do now. I really love them. Btw, I had to go out and get the Fergie star nail polish because of you. LOL It’s like monkey see monkey do with me lately.

    • Ahh that’s funny!! Glad you were able to find it. And thanks about the nails. I felt kinda like I shouldn’t have posted them but I really wanted to. Now I’m glad I did. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yep, you just tape off the stamp like you’d tape off tips or anything else. 🙂 If you can stamp you can do this, guaranteed. 😀 Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  4. Happy 4th of July! I really like that you combined these two stamps! It really looks like little flags 😀

    • Thank you!! And Happy 4th to you, too. 🙂 I hope you did something fun. We were kinda low key this year but that was nice too. It’s kinda weird on a Wednesday- you just get one day and then back to work. :-/

      • We were low key this year too. Yea, it was weird on a Wednesday and having work the next day 😦 That sucked lol

        • Definitely. But on the plus side it was kinda like having 2 2-day work weeks with that day off in between. 🙂 Low key holidays are good too. I’m usually a major pyro and am into all the fireworks but I didn’t really miss going all out this year. Next year I’ll make up for it. 🙂

  5. im so so jealous of this!!!!!! its perfection….thats the one thing I’m missing in my life: stamping tools. i want some 😦 love this look girl!

    • Awww thanks Ryan!! I can’t believe you don’t have any stamping stuff! Get on it, girl! 😉 You do the coolest nails anyway, just imagine how much more you could do with a stamping set! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  6. Well, a disaster to you, is like TOTALLY AWESOME to me. So, therefore, something nice to you is like something indescribable to me 😉

    • Haha well thank you!!! I’m glad everyone is ok w the “vintage” (aka: slightly imperfect) stamping. 🙂 Now with everyones nice comments I’m starting to think, “Hey, these nails were pretty cool!” 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting!!

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