How To Organize Your Polish Stash

This is genius!! You have got to check out this blog.

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You know you’re an addict when your nail polish gets its own email address.
– observation from my sister after reading this post.

More times than I care to admit, I’ve returned home from the store with the exactsame polish I already own. It’s like I’m drawn to the same colors over and over again. There are some amazing polish stash spreadsheets out there (examples at the end of this post), but I wanted something I could easily manage with my iPhone…which my husband says I cradle in my hand while I’m sleeping. I seriously do not let go of that phone! So today, instead of a mani, I’m going to show you my system for Trackin’ the Stash. This may not be the best way, but it’s the way I do it.

This technique uses a Gmail Contacts List to store polish names and info. I can get…

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21 thoughts on “How To Organize Your Polish Stash

    • When I saw this I was just like “This woman is a genius!!!” I don’t have any type of database for my polishes so it’d probably be a good thing for me to keep track of them somehow.

                • That’s awesome! Mine likes how my nails look but doesn’t care to watch how I do it or anything. Haha. I think that’s so cute your husband is kinda into it!!

                  • He is.! He also suffers a lot (I’m talking about real pain) because he is so fashionista (his dreamed job would be for sure, working in the fashion business) and I’m a plain person regarding clothing (I love wearing jeans and converse ALL the time).. So when I get my nails done, he thinks there’s still hope for a plain person like me hahaha..

                    • Hahaha. That is so cool! Although… I like my jeans and hoodies occasionally, and even when I dress up I change into sweat pants almost the moment I walk in the door so it’s probably good that my husband couldn’t care less. :)

                    • Oh gosh it would be comfy but I could never wear them in public!! I see people wearing pajama pants and sweats all the time but that’s not for me. Jeans and a hoodie is about as comfy as I get. Usually I wear a cute top w nice jeans and wedges or heels, sundresses in the summer but I do love my hoodies when I’m feeling lazy! :D

                    • i never wear them in public neither. only ONCE i had to go to the supermarket wearing my PJ bottoms of TWETTY, I woke up and it seems that the main pipe that provided water to the city was broken, so NO water in my house. I had a business trip and the plane was leaving in 3 hours and I run into the supermarket and bought water to “take a bath” that way.. i was super ashamed, but i wasn’t the only one wearing my pj’s in the supermarket that day ! hahahah

                    • Oh that sounds awful! I would have went in my PJs too. One time I saw a lady walking down the street in her robe. I was thinking to myself “robes are not outerwear!” haha.

                    • Home- good, out in public- bad. Haha. And people don’t generally wear them- just crazy people who don’t seem to know what’s proper to wear outside!

  1. Thats a very clever idea, but I don’t think I want to enter all of my polishes all over again so I’m sticking to my google doc. I usually have very good memory when it comes to my polishes and haven’t had the issue of buying polishes I already own…yet :P

    • Haha that’s good!! I don’t have any list of my polishes anywhere. I haven’t bought the same polish twice (that I know of) but I just love the searchability of it and thought it was sooo smart!! If I’m feeling ambitious some day I’m gonna do this. We’ll see if it happens. :)

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