Stamped Spongey Gradient Nails

Good Morning Polished People!

I have another new stamp from the 2012 Bundle Monster plates to share with you today! When I saw this stamp, I thought “ha HA!!!! A stamp to make gradients a piece of cake!” Let’s have a peek, and see if that’s the truth.

Stamped Spongey Gradient Nails:

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with Ulta The Jungle Look.
  3. Apply a coat of Seche Vite.
  4. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. Use stamp BM 301 and Konad special black polish to stamp the design on each nail.
  6. Carefully apply your first coat of top coat, then apply one more smooth coat.
  7. Show your friends!!

I like this stamp because it does look very cool on the nail, however I think you could sponge your nails a little faster than you could stamp them using this stamp. Since this stamp has that large area of paint at the bottom (the full black section) it’s sometimes kinda tricky to not scrape the paint out of that area, and then pick it all up on the stamper. If you get these, you’ll see what I mean. Now, don’t let that deter you from getting these stamps though because you can scrape the paint off this stamp sideways and it works fine, and the other stamps I’ve tried are non-problematic. It’s just that this particular one was a little difficult. Oh well- wait till you see the next nails I did with these stamps!! :D Too bad tomorrow I’m posting a jelly sandwich. Whomp whommmp! :(

How do you like this stamp? If you’ve seen the Bundle Monster designs on their website, are there any you want me to try next? This one was actually a request from Cynthia. :) I take requests!!! :D As always, thanks for reading and till next time, Happy Polishing!! :)

21 thoughts on “Stamped Spongey Gradient Nails

    • Thanks!! I liked the green and black together too. I suppose you could say it’s not very summery but… oh well. I don’t care. I wear whatever colors whenever I feel like it. :) Nail rebel! Haha.

  1. lol this is a stamp?? I was about to say how great your gradient turned out! So uniform! haha! That’s so cool!

  2. Great color combo, but yea it would probably be easier to just sponge on the gradient. I wonder how it would turn out if you applied multiple colors on the plate and stamped it. Or stamped multiple times in diff colors…sponging would probably still be easier…but at least the stamp is less messy!

    • Multiple times in different colors would probably be your best bet but the colors would have to be really similar for it to look like a proper sponged gradient. Maybe I’ll have to try that… IN TWO MONTHS when I’m done trying out all these other stamps!!! Haha. I love this set!!! Thanks for the suggestions. :D I really wanna try a multiple color stamp but I’m just not sure I can work quickly enough that I can mix them and stamp them w/o ending up w a partial stamp. Hrmm…

  3. I was like wow your gradient is awesome. still is even though its a stamp i love how it comes out so perfect and the color combo is awesome! Love, love, love, as allways <3

    • Oh my goodness thanks so much! I WISH my gradients came out this uniform! Haha. Especially my last one w the fishnet stamp, cuz it got super crazy and different on each finger. I do like the green and black so I’m glad to hear you do, too. :)

  4. Wha? I thought I commented on this post already. Hmph!
    I don’t know how the stamp compares to just doing the gradient, but I like the color combo and end result a lot!

  5. I absolutely lurve these nails for real. The more I look at them, the more I like them BUT I don’t like the idea of the clean up at the bottom. Maybe I will try this and invert it.

    • You could definitely do that. OR put cuticle oil around your nail so the polish doesn’t stick!! I might try that next time. I’m glad you like these so much! Thanks! :)

      • I did that today when I did some stamping…just put some lotion all over the skin around my nails but omg it made my stamper slip a little and that was kind of a mess.

          • I’ll probably still keep doing it because it definitely helped with the clean up…and I used the black special polish so you know that’s a major bitch to clean up.

            • Ugh yeah. The only thing worse than cleaning that up is using black FP polish for a sponged gradient. Oof. And now that I’m working at the park every day my cuticles are TRASHED and of course dry cuticles like SUCK UP the polish. Ew, and waaaaa :'(

    • You definitely should!! You wont be sorry. And stay tuned because I’m having quite the stamping frenzy ;) New stamped nails almost every day. :D Thanks for visiting and commenting :)

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