Peanuts in the Hague (Super Cute Orange on Orange Nails)

Hey There Everyone!

Do you guys ever notice those people who hold your eye contact a little too long? What does that even MEAN?! I told you a little about my summer job a couple of days ago, and on Friday I met one of the kids’ uncles/older brothers/babysitters/? and he was about my age I think. Kind of a nice looking guy, very friendly, but he was like SUPER smiley and just like kept staring at me. It was sooo awkward. I found myself saying weird stuff (“I like badminton” [the kids were playing, so I guess it wasn’t THAT weird]) just to, like, fill the space between us and then when I left I was just kinda like “bye kids” *saying nothing to him specifically*. I don’t know if he was like, on something (a park full of children is a classy place to get high, judging from the number of people who do), just a super friendly guy, was falling in love with me (highly unlikely, especially in my staff shirt), or what. He certainly wasn’t RUDE or anything, just awkward. Does that ever happen to you guys? Maybe I’m just so dang introverted that this is normal interaction and it freaks me out. Whatever. This is why I work with kids, people! ;p In other news- I had to do a day-long training last week during which I had to teach 60 adults how to do gimp (plastic string that you weave into keychains, bracelets, etc) and since they’d all be looking at my hands I needed some perfect nails. After thinking for a bit, this is what I came up with:

Orange on Orange Stamped Nails (or perhaps- Peanuts in the Hague…?)

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat. I used SH Hard As Nails.
  2. Apply 2-3 coats of FP Circus Peanuts.
  3. Apply 1 coat of Seche Vite and allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. Use stamp BM201 and OPI Rolling In The Hague to stamp the design on each of your nails.
  5. Apply your topcoat carefully.
  6. Mess around online till you’re satisfied they’re completely dry and hard.

I love orange and thought these nails were perfectly awesome! Sometimes I do my nails and am a little underwhelmed, sometimes I do them and am a little overwhelmed (I think they’re a bitmuch) but these ones were just right (awww now I feel like Goldilocks). πŸ™‚ Bright enough to satisfy me, but sophisticated enough to make me feel like an adult in front of other adults. It was the perfect combination!

How do you like these? Would you wear something like this? Als0- weigh in on the eye-contact business… is it just me or can that be really weird-feeling? As always thanks for reading, you all are awesome and I love all the comments. Till next time- Happy Polishing!! πŸ˜€


27 thoughts on “Peanuts in the Hague (Super Cute Orange on Orange Nails)

  1. Omg I looooove this stamp, and the colors you chose. Your stamping is always so great and keeps getting better. I’m very much an introvert as well so people getting to close to my bubble and super intense eye contact makes me want to just immediately bolt. If someone is making me uncomfortable I don’t even bother filling in the awkward space and I just keep to myself and hope it dies on its own. If it doesn’t go away I will just walk away, and I’ve done that before lol. Don’t mess with my bubble! Maybe he’s a reader of your blog and was in awe of meeting you in person..he could be a stalker if thats the case though πŸ˜›

    • Haha sure, I bet I have fans. ;p Not. And if so this dude would probably NOT be one of them. Although he’s got gauges and stuff so he could occasionally sport some black nails MAYBE! I’m betting no tho. Looks too guy ish. Annnyway thanks for the tips, I’m gonna try them. Kids don’t bug me but adults… I’m seriously bothered by people being too close and stuff. Glad to hear I’m not the only one! πŸ˜‰ And thanks for the compliments!!! πŸ˜€

    • the nails look awesome. love that mixture of shades.
      about the guy. whether you are introverted or not, you still have instinct and intuiition. But however you “look” at it, it is NOT normal interaction anywhere, anytime, anyplace.BTW, introverts usually have stronger intuition than extroverts who are busy extroverting and miss alot going on around them. The guy probably knows that glued eyecontact makes people nervous thereby giving him some kind of control or whatever. it’s not normal if done unintentionally and way not normal if done on purpose. good idea to keep away from this person ~ Of course he wasn’t being rude since psychopaths don’t do rude. If you have to see him, visualize yourself over six feet looking at the top of his head and be polite but don’t engage in conversation and moooove awaaaay from him. Advice from your virtual jewish mother. if all else fails, i know people.

      • Haha thank you! I am keeping my eye on him a little just in case. Today he was kinda talking to me and stuff and wasnt as creepy tho so maybe he’s just trying to be friendly. We’ll see, and thanks for the advice. πŸ™‚

    • Oh my gosh, thank you!!! I don’t even think I’m all that good. I still occasionally streak and get something off kilter. I always double up on topcoat tho so if I do mess up I can take a soaked cotton ball and lightly swipe over my nail and remove the stamp but not my base color. Works like a charm! You’ll have perfectly stamped nails in no time. πŸ™‚

  2. “Advice from your virtual jewish mother. if all else fails, i know people.” LOL!!!
    I would agree, though. That phenomenon is known as “being a creepy creeperton.” What I instantaneously learned when beginning a job in sales directly out of college is that the “salesmen are scumbags” stereotype is TRUE TRUE TRUE. If they are on a business trip, they are suddenly no longer married. I have had no shortage of awkard to disgusting to unsettling to dangerous interactions. So, I learned to trust my comfort levels VERY quickly!
    OMG OMG OMG OMG…GIMP! THAT is probably ONE thing I DID like about day camp, lol! I would probably still enjoy it, but am not likely to remember it. I could maybe figure out butterfly and box…that’s probably about it.
    Of course I like the nails because they involve Circus Peanuts! I especially like step 6…I employed it last night! I am annoyed because I somehow kind of “drowned” my glitter on a couple of my fingers on my left hand and I am having assymetry angst…hmph! The right hand looks pretty good, though…hoping to post pics tonight!

      • Oh about the salesmen- I had window salesmen that WOULD NOT leave my house. They freaked me out!!! I seriously like cried after they finally left. I hated it so much. I called their company, the BBB (which is a joke!!) and reported them and their company calls my house all the time (telemarketing) and I tell them they’re crazy if they think I’m EVER gonna be a customer of theirs cuz their people are psychotic. Oof that was NOT good.

        • Oh man…that reminds me of the Kirby salesman that came over to my friend’s house when we were trying to watch a movie. He seriously took like over an hour. I’m not saying that Kirby doesn’t make amazing vacuums, but I wasn’t about spend thousands on one. Besides, I am so anal about my carpet that I pretty much spot clean every week. That’s actually scary that they wouldn’t leave. 😦 I gotta admit that I’m pretty good with sales…I can figure people out right away. To bad that doesn’t translate in my personal life. lol

          • I am good w salesmen in the fact that they don’t get anything over on me, but they would not listen to me. Luckily my husband was here but he IS susceptible to any and all sales pitches so I felt like they had their claws in him and therefor wouldn’t listen when I was like get the f out. Seriously I was like “GET OUT!!!” and then they’re all “oh I didn’t mean to UPSET you…” all condescending like I’m nuts. Oooh this conversation is making me wanna slap somebody!!!

            • LMAO!!!! I can imagine how infuriating that must have been. I am like your husband in that I am very easily persuaded. It’s actually very embarrassing.

              Ok, let’s not mention those creeps again. πŸ˜‰

    • Gimp is awesome!! I don’t know what the butterfly is but we call the box knot “square” and I can do round, round and twirly, Chinese staircase (easy), bracelets.. All kinds of fun stuff. The kids love it and it’s so calming. It’s an iconic summer-camp type thing.

      Creepy creeperton- love the technical term. Hahaha. He kinda is. He’s not there everyday so that’s good. I think he’s probably harmless but I’m glad Paula knows people. πŸ˜‰ I thought that was so funny and cute.

      About the sandwich- boo to drowning glitter. 😦 It’s hard to get the layers just right sometimes. You gotta really put a thinnnnn layer on. Almost so thin that you’re just dragging the empty brush over the glitter and hoping a little polish sticks to it. I’m going to try the white sandwich tonight (not sure which glitter to use yet) so maybe we can trade sandwich pics! Haha. I bet yours still looks good. πŸ™‚

  3. Kind of sounds like that guy thought u were cuter than you thought he was. If he was a 10, do you think you would feel the same?

    • Nah if he was 10 I’d think nothing of it. He might think I’m a little cute… He asked me to play football today. O.o He’s probably just kinda trying to flirt a little and I’m having none of it. I’m pretty much unshakable when it comes to kids. They can flip out, hang all over me, touch my face (you wouldn’t think they would, but they DO! Haha), whatever and I’m fine. I’m not even shy around kids. But get me around a bunch of new adults and

      yeah, exactly- nothing. ;p

  4. That is definitely weird and it would have made me feel on guard. Who knows…maybe he was just one of those people who are off and don’t know how to be social in a “normal” way. This is going to be tmi (as if that has ever stopped me), but I met the creepiest man EVER. I was like 19 and my bf and I had just broken up. I was DEVASTATED. I was wandering around outside kind of aimless and I went to the park, sat down on a bench and started bawling. It was like his needy vulnerable girl antenna went up and he completely used some weird mind control. He must have been at least 15 years older than me and he was being beyond creepy and I was in such a bad state that I didn’t even notice what was going on. After like an hour of him being a creepster, he tried to kiss me and I flipped out. At least that snapped me out of it. I got myself into so many bad situations when I was younger because I was so trusting. I am like the most guarded and skeptical person now. I guess I had to learn my lesson.

    Ok, so about the nail polish and stamp…lol I love it. You wear orange so well and your plates are drool-worthy. This is a design that you could probably do freehand…it wouldn’t look as crisp, but it wouldn’t be too hard. I bet you got a lot of compliments.

    • Ooh that’s bad!!! And scary. I’m sure you already know but you’re lucky that’s all he tried to do. I’m not exactly too trusting, but I’m just kinda bad at spotting that line where it turns from regular friendly to being creepy. Like I always feel the need to be polite and stuff so I never call anyone on their behavior or even notice when they’re approaching the edge. It’s very awkward. I’m glad you learned your lesson and that doesn’t happen anymore. That’s the thing tho- (not that the guy I met is but…) predatory people have that radar for someone who’s in need and they hone right in on it. It wasn’t even your fault.. those people just weasel their way in. Ew.

      About the nails- thanks! And you’re right, this could be done freehand quite easily (maybe not by me, the worst freehand person ever!!!). It’s a lot easier tho (for me) w a stamp. That reminds me- the new BM stamps have a gradient type stamp! Idk what to think of it yet but I’m anxious to try it!

  5. lol! Interesting guy encounter…Maybe he thought you were hot in your staff shirt! ;P
    I love your mani! The stamping is so clean and pretty!

    • I don’t know… It’s just a regular t shirt- not that cute! Haha. Oh well, whatever. And thanks! I loved these nails. Too bad I’ll most likely never do them again. it could happen… maybe. πŸ˜‰

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