Ughhhh Water Marbling….

Hey There,

This post isn’t going to quite be a rant post like Alaina’s at The Little Canvas, but if I’m being honest I have to tell you I hate water marbling. It’s so messy and no matter how I try to swirl the water, I never get a consistent pattern on my nails and I can’t take the asymmetry!! It’s so frustrating. Some nails have a crisp swirl, some have just kind of an irregular smattering of color, some have fat swirls, some have skinny. It just drives me crazy. And the clean up is atrocious!! Even if I cuticle oil up my fingers to keep the polish from sticking, it still smears all around while I’m cleaning up and drives me absolutely up the wall. I think I’ll be leaving all the water marbles to all the other bloggers out there from now on. 🙂

The water marbling I’m trying to emulate is this one I found on Pinterest:

The website it’s from is, so please go there and see her awesome work for yourself. I wouldn’t have even posted the picture if I could have found them on her blog. I couldn’t find this post, therefore I couldn’t just link you to them so… I hope I’m not a terrible picture-stealing-blogger for doing this!

I love these nails! They look like oil slicks, only they’re not. I wanted to replicate these soooo bad. Yesterday’s nails were me trying to copy them, failed, and here is today’s attempt. Click on it to enlarge.

More Marbling:

They did NOT turn out like the nails I wanted to copy! 😦 If anyone can find those nails on that blog, and then read it and tell me how she did it I will love you forever. That is very likely the ONLY water marble I would bother trying in the foreseeable future. Her’s look soooo good! Mine… are subtle. Not hideous, but not worth all the trouble.

Polishes I Used:

  • Base coat- SH Hard as Nails
  • Base color- FP Black Expressionism
  • For marbling- Sinful Colors Out Of This World, Revlon Royal, Sinful Colors Irish Green, Cover Girl Grapevine and Orly Mysterious Curse.

Do you have any idea how the nails I’m trying to copy were done? Are you a fan or foe of water marbling? Let me know what you think! Thank you all so much for reading! 🙂 Till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀


9 thoughts on “Ughhhh Water Marbling….

  1. So many shout outs on your blog to me 🙂 you have given me page views! hahaha i fail at water marbling and i think i’m going to step away from this post before i make this into another rant. I’m guessilng that girl used some form of a holo polish or even something like Bali Mist from Sinful Colors which has that oil slick look when painted over black.

    • Well it seems we’re always taking on Twitter when I’m writing these and really- people should not miss out on the gnome post so I tried to link that up a little. 🙂 That’s cool you got a couple page views from it!

      I’ll look at that color cuz regardless of what THIS is, that sounds very cool! I suck at water marbling too… we are clearly the elite members of that club. 😦

  2. I am kind of giving up on water marbling. I have never gotten any good results and the mess totally doesn’t make it worth the effort. I’ll probably do newsprint nails sometime and be satisfied with that. I am envious when I see some awesome water marbling.

  3. Yikes 😦 This seems a bit more challenging…I think maybe that could be the reason why I haven’t tried it. It looks fun, but it also looks like a pain to do lol. I still will try it in the future though. I just don’t know when…

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