Tweet Me (Review)

Hey Everyone,

Today I just have a quick review. I bet some of you (you know who you are) are sooooo happy to not be seeing glitter for the last few days! 🙂 The polish I’m going to review is from the newer L’Oreal nail polishes, and it’s called Tweet Me. Speaking of tweeting, if you aren’t already, you should definitely be on Twitter. It’s the most fun way to follow your favorite blogs and let me tell you from first hand experience, some hilarious conversations go down on Twitter. I’m pretty sure some of the people I talk to on there all the time almost never check out my blog (and why would they- I post spoiler pictures allll the time! haha) but we talk nails and just get on the funniest topics. Sometimes I end up reading all my tweets to my husband, and laugh so hard I can hardly talk and he just politely listens and then probably rolls his eyes as I wipe the laughing-tears from mine! 🙂 He’s on Twitter but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t signed into his account since the day he signed up! 😉 Anyway- follow me! 🙂 And let’s look at today’s polish:

Tweet Me:


Tweet Me is a marigold/canary (almost mustard, but not quite as murky) yellow creme with slight orange-y shimmer. It shows more in the bottle than it does on the nail, but if you look closely you can see a little shimmer.


I thought the formula for this polish was kind of disgusting. The shimmer, especially for being so faint on the nails, makes this polish really weird in texture. It reminded me of a mealy apple. Ew. It did not go on smooth, and took at least 4 coats to be mostly opaque. You can’t really tell in these pictures but in real life you could still see my nail line a little, which I do not like. I stamped over these nails (which you saw yesterday) because I just couldn’t live with the VNL. I’ll take VNL over VPL but it doesn’t mean I like it!

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Will I buy more of these L’Oreal polishes? No. Might I wear this one that I have already again? Possibly. I like the color of this yellow, don’t care much for the shimmer, but it’s faint so who cares, but I don’t particularly like the formula. If I had a matching color polish from a different brand, I’d definitely take that over this, but since I didn’t have that option and I don’t have a yellow like this one, I like it “okay.” For all of you out there though- I’d say “no thank you” and find a similar China Glaze, Finger Paints, OPI, Essie, maybe even Sinful Colors polish. I do like the color though!

Have you tried any L’Oreal polishes? What is your opinion of them? Do you know of a good marigold/mustard yellow like this from a different brand that I should try? As always, thanks for reading and Happy Polishing!

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12 thoughts on “Tweet Me (Review)

  1. You know what? I have very little experience with very few Loreal polishes! I can remember buying a red and a dark purple to include in my best friend’s bridal shower gift bags (those were the colors of the shower – it was Parisian-themed and she stayed in a hotel room in Paris decorated with those colors and gold), and I think I bought that red for myself. I also recall a steely-gray one that was a really crap formula. So, I think I have tried only a few and my opinion is not great!
    In terms of yellow, I have very few because yellow doesn’t look good on me. If you’re really looking for a mustardy-type yellow, I would look into BB Couture’s Stick Shift. I have it, but haven’t tried it because I am scared it’s going to look terrible on me. I can be coerced into a swap if you’re interested (eyebrow wiggle)…
    I wore Cult Nails Feel Me Up last week and I’m pretty much gonna stop there for bright yellows. It was perfect.
    I have a Sally Hansen HD yellow, but it’s pretty frosty, and I have a Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure in a pale yellow, but that sucker was a disaster. I haven’t tried my Finger Paints Lemon Drop yet (also pale yellow), but have relatively high hopes.
    This concludes my yellow nail polish summary!

    • Sound like you have at least a handful of yellows! Thanks for the report! 🙂 I think stick shift is a little too mustardy for me. Even I’m kinds scared how that’s look. Haha. But thanks. If it was slightly less orange-brown it’d do the trick. I have a chg yellow- sunshine pop that’s kinda frosty too! What’s up w that. Who even likes frosts..? Anyone?? I just wish this one had a better formula cuz I really like the color. Oh well- the search continues.

      That’s such a cute idea for a bridal shower gift bag! I’m helping w a shower but I’m not doing gift bags. Guess I’m a bad cohost. Haha. There are like up to 40 people coming and I’m just not that flush. We are doing a couple games w prizes tho so that should be fun. Were you all living in Paris or was the shower just there? That’s a pretty fancy shower if you just went there for it. And pretty awesome! Thanks for all the info and ps I am not opposed to swapping in the future (eyebrow wiggle of my own!) 😉

      • Oh, gosh, no, the shower was at her mom’s house…the theme was just based on a hotel she had stayed at in Paris! It was quite the event. My friend is a huge party planner…it was her occupation for a while and when she threw her husband his 30th birthday party, he proposed I think less than a month after, it was so elaborate! So I had a lot to live up to…took days of work and still didn’t have it on lock 100%!
        Someday I’ll make up a list of potential swapper bottles. I am working on organizing my room and going through my stash is on the list. I miss it being organized like it was before I moved!

        • Ohhhh I see. Well that still sounds pretty awesome! I was thinking dang that’s the biggest most elaborate shower ever! Here my friend’s is just at her mom’s! ;p Those sound like some big shoes to fill! I bet it was awesome. No party ever goes 100% according to plan, and that’s the fun part….. usually. 😉

  2. This color would look horrible on me, but it looks great on you! It sucks that application was horrible 😦 I have 3….maybe 4 L’oreal polishes. They are okay, it probably depends on the shade..some probably just have less ideal formulas then others.

    • Yeah yellow is light so I suppose that was it. I also didn’t care for the texture but w TC it doesn’t matter much. Next time maybe I’ll use a base color… we’ll see. I do like the color tho!

  3. Wow in the 90’s and early 2000’s L’oreal used to make good polishes. They came in a good range of colors for a drugstore line of that time.

    • Yeah isn’t that weird? They had polish, then really didn’t (at least not much) and now w this nail polish economy we’re in they’re bringing them back! Hopefully the other colors are better. And this wasn’t HORRIBLE, just took too many costs for my liking and I didn’t care for the texture. There are just plenty other polishes to try instead. 🙂

  4. I’ve never tried any l’oreal polishes…wait, I take that back. I think I had one years ago. Meh. I actually really like how this looks on you, and I would probably wear it. Do you have CG Sunshine Pop? I really like that color and the shimmer is gorgeous. I accidentally bought that one twice so I gave one of them away.

    You’re going to finally get me to start going on twitter. It still confuses me. I sound like an old fart. What’s this internets thing?

    • Oh good!!! Get on twitter! It’ll be fun! And then you can keep us even more up to date on Alfie-poo!! 🙂 You’ll catch on to it in half a second.

      I do have Sunshine Pop but this is like the slightest bit more orange, which I like. 🙂 I have a love/hate w the shimmer in SP. Idk why. :-/

  5. Hmm haven’t tried this brand, but the color is nice. Too bad the formula wasn’t good 😦 I have a Sally Hansen Insta-dri yellow that looks similar to this one. I like the formula and brush of the Insta-dris 😀

    • Isn’t it like lightning something or other? (the SH insta-dri) I have that one for stamping but never thought to use it regularly. Haha. I just love this color. But hate having to use a quarter of the bottle at once but hey… whatever. I mean, at least it dried all the way!

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