Camping Nails!! (Orly Be Brave- Layering, Sandwich and Review)

Hello Polished People,

I went camping last weekend, and when I was asking people on Twitter what I should do with my nails for camping I got responses like “nothing too fussy” and “that question alone proves you’re not a camper.” The second comment was SPOT ON and so the first comment just didn’t work for me. Haha. 🙂 Sooooo…. naturally I wanted some super-sparkly and prissy nails. To fill that order I chose the pink bar glitter polish from the Orly Flash Glam collection. It is called…

Be Brave:

3 coats of Be Brave over Essie Lights

3 coats of Be Brave over Essie Lights

Here you see Be Brave layered with OPI Save Me over the top of Essie Lights. Yes, these are my camping nails. At least for the first 1.5 days 🙂

Low light, but helps show some of the different colors of the Be Brave and Save Me glitters.

Here is 1 coat of Be Brave over Revlon Royal

I couldn’t leave Be Brave alone on top of Royal, so I made a sandwich. I guess you could say I was “hungry” for more! 😉 har har (cheesy laugh)

The glitter inside Royal looks so pretty 🙂


Be Brave is a magenta holographic glitter. It flashes pink, purple, a little blue and even a gold-ish color. It’s alllllll bar glitter in a clear base so you can do anything with this polish.


Like the other Flash Glam polishes, the base is thick but unproblematic. The glitter in this polish is pretty sparse so I think it’s best for layering. I don’t know if Be Brave could ever be built up to opacity because the base is so thick that your nails might be half an inch thick before you got your whole nail covered. I didn’t even care to try it. I learned my “some polishes aren’t made to be opaque” lesson after trying out Whimsical. 😉 Bar glitter can be a little difficult to work with as it tends to stick up a little and hang off the end of your nail, so make sure to tap the bars back onto your nail and smooth down any spots that are sticking up while it’s wet.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

I am a fan of bar glitter even though it can be a little tricky so this is a Yes, Please for me! 🙂 I’m not always a fan of pink but this is interesting enough that I’ll deal with the pinkness. I actually really like that it’s sparse so it can be layered more easily.

What do you think about my camping nails? Are you a camper yourself? If so, what’s been your favorite camping trip? Thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing! 😀

As a bonus: here are some little friends my husband found for me while he was raking and fixing up the campsite 🙂

It’s a little ladybug and turtle! How cute are these?!?! 😉

8 thoughts on “Camping Nails!! (Orly Be Brave- Layering, Sandwich and Review)

  1. I really like the way Be Brave looks over Lights! Really great combo! I think your camping nails turned out great! I’m definitely a camper, but it’s been so long since I’ve last been. I think I told you already that we’ll be going for a weekend in August. I’m so excited! What do/did you guys do while you camped?
    Aww those little figures are adorable!

    • Thank you!! Yeah I remember you telling me you were gonna go. That’ll be fun. 🙂 What are you guys gonna do when you camp and what kind of place do you go? Established campground, back woods, beach, etc? We went to a pretty backwoods place but not like TOTALLY out in the woods. There’s no camp host or anything so we can be loud and stuff. Basically we just hang around camp (we used to go shooting but there are too many people I don’t want tagging along so we don’t anymore), the guys go cut wood, I hang out and do whatever, then we basically walk around, explore, let the dogs be very dog-y and smell everything, then make dinner and THEN the fun begins! We have a huge bonfire and drink drink drink! Haha. I’m not gonna lie- for me that’s what I go camping for. Haha. I’d like to go somewhere where we can swim or lay out but this Memorial Day camp spot just ain’t it! ;p

  2. I am not a camper. Back in eighth grade I was in leadership class and we had to go on a retreat and I said to the teacher, “Is this camping? I’m from New Jersey – I don’t camp,” and he remembers that to this day. So, kudos for picking super-girly, glittery nails, haha.

    • Thanks! Haha. That’s perfect!!
      I was definitely NOT a camper till I met my husband. I had MAYBE gone camping like for one night w a friend but that’s it. My dad always said our idea of camping was Motel 8! Haha. That’s what I tell my husband’s family when they give me “you don’t camp, do you?” glances. His aunt is particularly rugged and for some surprising reason she’s like my bff camping and she always tells everyone “Nicole never even WENT camping before she met us!!!” and then promptly makes everyone (including her son who clearly just humors me and says they look nice) look at my nails. Haha. This camp out is a long-standing family and friends tradition and all of the original members have nicknames and special sweatshirts and stuff and I’m well on my way to being “Camp Priss” haha. And yknow what? I’m totally okay with that! :p

  3. Well, my original comment back then was based on fact – you don’t really go camping in the snow / God-awful humidity…NJ is not the place for it! So when I moved to CA, I didn’t understand the camping obsession. Plus, if I’m going on a vacation, it’s going to be a vacation, not sitting in the woods! HOWEVER, given the opportunity, I might go now if it were only for a weekend or something. I’m older and have discovered that being lazy = more sleep, so I don’t worry as much if my hair and/or makeup (or lack thereof) are not as fly as they could be, haha. Plus, if there is alcohol involved…sure, why not? Camp Priss FTW!

  4. Next time go camping you could do an outdoor themed nail with some pretty browns and tans and olive/army greens. You could do camo, or you could paint little leaves on your nails, a campfire, or even a picnic theme like a checkered blanket with black ants? Oh and definitely some glitter in there somewhere. I love this Orly glitter polish and I layered it over China Glaze Spontaneous. Beautiful results on that. You’re right though that it is meant for layering

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