My Love of Badger Balm

Good Morning Polished People,

Man, at risk of sounding like the whiniest person ever- camping pooped me out!! I would have killed to not have to work yesterday. Today I don’t work so hopefully I’ll sleep in. 🙂

Since I was too tired to put together a legit nail art/swatching/etc post I want to share with you all my love of Badger Balm.

Here are some of my badger balms:

From top left clockwise they are: the original Badger Healing Balm, Sleep Balm, Cheerful Mind Balm and Stress Soother.

Besides the ones above I own the bug balm and I just received my order of Headache Soother balm. All of these badger balms are organic and are made mostly of olive oil and beeswax. Then depending on the type of balm they have different essential oils. My current favorites right now (beside the healing balm) are probably the sleep balm made with lavender and bergamot (smells like shaving cream to me, this is the reason I’ve been smelling my hands like a creep) and the headache soother made with lavender and peppermint. I love the cheerful mind balm (sweet orange and spearmint) and the stress soother (rosemary and tangerine) too. I use these as cuticle creams and massage them into my cuticles and hands. I also put some on my pulse points and just breathe them in. When I work my summer job it can sometimes be very loud and stressful and just sensory overload, so when I get home I come into my bedroom, rub some of the cheerful mind or stress soother on my temples, maybe a little even under my nose and some on my hands and nails and just lay flat with my eyes closed for a bit. I let myself enjoy the stillness and silence and it makes me feel so much more relaxed.

Now, the Badger Healing balm is my all time favorite. The smell is a little medicinal (it’s made with sweet birch and wintergreen oils) but its a nice scent and this stuff is magic. I use it on my hands and cuticles all the time, I’ve put it on blisters and scratches, I’ve put it on little rashes and allergic reactions and it’s often the only thing that helps. Just recently I had a strange allergic reaction to something I’d used and my skin all over my face, particularly around my eyes was papery feeling and WHITE because it was so dry. I put my good old Badger Balm all over my face and right around my eyes and it was the only thing that made my face feel good. And the amazing thing is that I have oily skin and this didn’t break me out one bit. This balm has natural antiseptic ingredients so I think that may be the reason my skin loved it so much. I sometimes use this as eye cream because 1) you’ll never find anything more hydrating and less irritating and 2) it has castor oil in it and castor is an oil that helps grow thicker, longer eye lashes. Everyone’s skin is different so I would definitely recommend you try a little of this before you slather your face like I do, but my skin is really sensitive and is not bothered by Badger Balm at all.

You can find Badger Balm products in some natural food markets (New Seasons/etc) and at

I swear by this stuff. In fact, I can hardly stand waiting so I’m gonna put my stuff on and go to sleep right… this…..


Please tell me you’ve tried Badger Balm. Till next time- happy polishing!!! 😀

Just FYI here’s a picture of the bug balm (the badger is super cute!):


Here’s what all the balms look like inside:


And last but definitely not least, my headache soother balm:


Bye for real now. 😉

10 thoughts on “My Love of Badger Balm

  1. :O I didn’t know there were soooo many. I feel like I might end up collecting them all. I know I want to try the healing balm and the stress soother and I definitely want to try the one for headaches. I have such issues with headaches and migraines anything is worth a try. I’ll be on the look out for the badgers now 🙂

    • Oh my gosh, welcome to my world! Haha. I want every product they have. Besides all the good smells and such nice product, I also can’t stop buying them because each little tin has a cute little badger guy doing something different. The headache balm has him with a little cover over his eyes, the stress soother has him sitting and looking very calm, the sleep balm has him laying on his back with a little book or something. They’re just so cute!!! And the smells are not SUPER potent so they just kinda drift off after a little bit. I’m obsessed. 🙂

  2. I’ve never even heard of this stuff before. I have crazy sensitive skin so everything gives me jacked up reactions. I don’t think I would like the medicinal smelling ones. I think the only one I would like is the rosemary and tangerine. I really hate the smell of peppermint/spearmint because they give me a stomach ache. It sucks because I love how those minty foot creams feel but if I put some on, I will get sick to my stomach. How weird. I’ll keep an eye out for these cause they sound nice.

    • Someone at my mom’s work has such a bad reaction to mint smells that they can’t even chew mint gum! I thought that was weird but I guess it’s more common than I thought. If you ever wanna try Badger Balm, they also have an unscented healing balm, just FYI. And they have like 5 billion different balms, all made out of wonderful stuff with different essential oils. They’re all more or less the same thing but with different aromatherapy properties. I’m sure I could put any of it on my face but since my skin is so sensitive I’m sticking w the original. 🙂 Idk if I could do the cherry blossom scent. I would probably love it but my husband is such a weenie about smells. One time I used this Ulta cranberry scented hand cream (I love this stuff, the smell is a little obnoxious but kinda in a good way). Anyway, my husband was dead asleep, snoring, totally out for the count and I put my hand lotion on and seriously like 1 minute later he jumped up awake as if I’d punched him in the face and was like WHAT IS THAT? WHAT’S THAT SMELL?!? and I had to go wash my hands!! Hahaha. I was laughing so hard, but he didn’t find it too funny since it was most likely after 2 am. Whoops!

      • LMAO!!!! The cherry blossom scent is pretty strong but I love it. There is another one that is rose scented and that one is too much sometimes. Too bad I ran out of the cherry blossom and I have 2 unopened tubes of the rose one…can’t justify buying more if I have two new ones. I wish I could say the same about nail polish…

        • I love the Japanese cherry blossom soap from bath and body works so maybe I’ll have to look for that. I know what you mean! I wore this same pair of sweat pants around the house till they’re literally barely held together and my husbands like “BUY A NEW PAIR” and I didn’t forever, but heaven forbid there’s a possible “for Audrey” dupe that I dont run out and buy! Haha.

  3. I have, but only one. Foot Balm. I didn’t know there were others either. I live in Sweden, maybe that’s why I only found one type. I like that it’s eco friendly.

    • That could be. If you keep your eyes out tho I bet you’ll see some of the others. Especially the original healing balm. How do you like the foot balm? I haven’t tried it. I’m usually not hardcore into organic stuff but I think all this badger balm is changing me. It’s just so nice and then when you read the back and it’s all stuff you can a) pronounce and b) find in nature, then you read your other products and it’s all chemical ingredients and alcohol it’s easy to make the choice. 🙂

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