Yellow and Green Gradient (aka Oregon Ducks nails)

Hey Everyone,

Today I have some yellow and green gradient nails that I tried immediately following my green gradient nails from yesterday. The funny thing about these nails is that I just wanted two contrasting colors, and then when I was done my husband was like “Hey, Oregon Ducks nails.” The University of Oregon’s colors are yellow and green and their football team, which is quite good, is the ducks. The day I wore these nails I subbed in a 5th grade classroom and I forgot that the teacher is a U of O alumnus and is always hard core repping her team to her students. When I got there the kids were hyped to see me (I love this class) and then they thought I was EXTRA cool today cuz they thought I did Oregon Ducks nails just for them! Haha. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that it was accidental! I love that class cuz I have been able to sub for them quite a bit, and they’re just a cool group of kids, and they think I’m like some extra-cool sub or something!! I hadn’t seen them for a while (cuz I was tutoring instead of subbing) and their teacher said that when she told them it was me who was gonna be their sub they were like (and this is a quote from her!):


Hahaha. THAT is the reason I love working with kids. 🙂

Oregon Ducks/ Yellow and Green Gradient Nails:

This is blurry and with crappy lighting but it makes my gradient look smoother! Haha. Also- look how gross and wide my nails are at the ends! I’m so glad I chopped these suckers off RIGHT after I did these nails!!! 😀 Ahhhhh shorties, I love you!

All the above pictures have:

  • base coat
  • 2 coats of ChG Sunshine Pop
  • Sunshine Pop and FP Inkblot Blue (yellow and blue make green!) sponged on using this method
  • a coat of Seche Vite. 🙂

These nails were executed a little better, but I still need to try a finer sponge and try sponging the nails twice to smooth out the gradient. Overall, I was pleased with these though and the kids thought they were EXTRA awesome! 🙂

How have your gradient attempts turned out? And how do you think mine looks? Let me know what your gradient experience has been. Some of you are gradient masters, and I hate you. Despite my hate, please share your tips!! Haha. Till next time, Happy Polishing!

7 thoughts on “Yellow and Green Gradient (aka Oregon Ducks nails)

    • Thank you! That is the best compliment. I’d like it a lot smoother but this was really good “for me” haha. I just need more practice… Or to move on to something else. 😉

  1. awe I would love to have this look for a Duck game wow these are beautiful only I don’t have natural beautiful nails like yours lol mine are short so I would probably have to have fake nails first but I really can’t do awesome looks like this on my own haha do you do nails professionally if so how much do you charge?

    • Short nails look cute w nail art too! The important thing is that they’re filed into some sort of uniform shape and then you’re good to go! 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed this design. I do not do nails professionally, but thanks for asking, that’s quite a compliment! I bet you could take a picture into a salon though and they could do it for you! It’s really not that hard if you have some practice like they, of course, should 🙂

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