Orly Flash Glam Preview

Hi Everyone!

This afternoon I’m doing a quick mobile post to share some new nail polishes I got my hands on over the last week. 🙂 Orly is apparently coming out with a new collection in June and let me tell you- they’re stepping up their glitter game! I hear there are supposed to be 22 colors, but I have only seen the 5 glitters and a black base. I now present to you a quick bottle-shot preview of…

Orly Flash Glam:



Be Brave is all magenta bar glitter with a holographic quality. This sparkles like no one’s business and made an interesting jelly sandwich when I was playing. 🙂

Mermaid Tale is a SUPER pretty green and turquoise glitter in different shapes and sizes. I love it layered over a pretty blue or teal.

Sashay My Way is an insane gold and holo gold multi sized glitter. It has hexes and bars and circles, oh my! I layered this over chartreuse and it was incredibly tacky yet amazing. Haha. It would look awesome alone or over black which is recommended with all these polishes.

Can’t Be Tamed is a beautiful large hex purple and small silver glitter in a clear base. I think there might be some dark gunmetal gray glitter in it too, cuz it’s so dark but I haven’t fully explored this one yet.

And last but not least, Spazmatic is blue glitter in a large size mixed in with lots of teeny tiny blue glitter/shimmer. And it looks like there might be a little purple shimmer in that bottle too. I’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

You can find these polished at Sally’s and where ever else you find Orly starting June 1st. If you ask very nicely your Sally’s might even sell them to you now. 🙂 They retail for $9.99 but I got mine early for the regular Orly price of about 7-8 dollars, plus my discount, plus a 15% off coupon. 😀

Let me know how you like these!! Which is your fave and how should I/will you wear them?? Thanks for reading and Happy Polishing!!! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Orly Flash Glam Preview

  1. Oy vey! Those look cool but also are going to give me nightmares tonight. WHYYYYYYYYY do you punish me with glitter? lol I think that the only one I would wear from these is Mermaid Tale. It looks freaking pretty. I wonder how much these will be at my nail places…I’ll have to check.

    • Whyyyyy are you gonna check?! You hate glitter!!! Haha. I apologize for the glitter kick I’m on lately. Just all of a sudden there are so many pretty things out here! 🙂 I did another glitter bomb to wear camping (THIS ONE is gonna give you nightmares, be warned!) and then another gradient so that’ll be glitter free and I can’t promise what’s up my sleeve next. 😉

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