Born Into Privilege- Review and Layering

Hey Everyone,

I just wanna say a big thanks to those of you who pin my nails on Pinterest and share them on Twitter, etc. It’s surprising how one pin on Pinterest can generate a HUGE amount of traffic. The day that I’m writing this I worked and when I got off work and checked my blog I had a ton of views! I was like “what the heck?!” (in a good way) so I did some research and someone had pinned my purple and turquoise tranquil waters nails and that pin had a ton of likes and like 200 repins in the first few hours it was up. It’s fun to get a whole bunch of views and a few more comments. So- thank you! 🙂

Today I want to share yet another swatch of another cool nail polish I recently picked up. I have got to get back into doing some nail art cuz these swatches are boring me half to death! Don’t get me wrong, they’re cool polishes but I like to see some art… as I’m sure you do too! 🙂 Let’s look at today’s polish.

Born Into Privilege:

Born Into Privilege- in this light you can definitely see the champagne coloring.

Born Into Privilege

Born Into Privilege

Born Into Privilege- very green in low artificial light.

Born Into Privilege over FP Black Expressionism


Born Into Privilege is another one of the Wet n Wild Coloricon LE polishes. This one has the same small round blue, magenta, silver and possibly orange or red multi glitter in it along with this fantastic color-shifting microglitter that makes up its base. BIP is a light metallic green that shifts to gold and champagne at different angles. Over black you can see how it can look like sage-y green and also a definite gold color depending on how the light hits it.


The formula is good and completely non-problematic. Opaque in about 3 coats (not bad for a glitter!!) and is actually not TOO bumpy, although you wouldn’t dare wear polish without topcoat… right? 😉

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

I like these polishes, but this one is possibly the least favorite out of the three I’ve tried so far. I have two to go, so this could end up middlish but we’ll have to wait and see. I just think the sage green and champagne-y gold don’t contrast quite enough for me, even over black. Even still, I like this polish just fine, so I’m saying “Yes, Please” but if you can only pick up one of these Coloricon polishes, you might wanna make it Speak When Spoken To or Bow In My Presence over this one.

How do you like this one? Are you getting tired of swatches?? I have some gradients coming up shortly so hang in there! 🙂 I write these posts in advance (or at least try to) so maybe I’ll swap some swatches out for some stamping or something.. we’ll see. Thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀


8 thoughts on “Born Into Privilege- Review and Layering

    • It might be sold out since it was limited edition. 😦 Did you try a couple stores? Mine just had like half the (small) display left and it was in a random spot not right by the regular WnW displays.

    • I live in Sacramento. I was able to get these in early April at CVS. I still see them available at Rite Aids is my area but they are just kinda mixed in with some of the other featured displays. The original display was pretty small (it only held about 12 polishes). Good Luck!

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