Chunky Holo huh…?

Hey Everyone,

Today I have an interesting polish to show you. I received a gift card for Amazon for my birthday last month so naturally I bought up a ton of nail polish goodies. I also bought a junky cell phone case (need to return it… to HONG KONG!!!) and a couple other things but largely, I got nail polish 🙂 One of the polishes that I’d heard about from various blogs was Klean Color Chunky Holo Fuchsia. It’s supposed to be a near-dupe of the famed Clarins 230, it’s even called Klean Color 230 so naturally I had to get it. But.. this post isn’t about that polish. I also got Chunky Holo Black which is from that same collection but is way chunkier glitter in a somewhat black base. The base looks more like chew spit if you ask me, or maybe watery diarrhea water..? Anyway, it looks pretty sick but the glitter inside it is very cool. Have a peek at these pics and then we’ll talk about it.

Chunky Holo Black:

Chunky Holo Black over Orly Mysterious Curse

Chunky Holo Black over FP Black Expressionism


Like I said above the base is a pretty nasty shade of dark brown and it’s super sheer (thank god!!) so that makes this perfect for layering. In that nasty but sheer base is a ton of different sized color-shifting glitters. There are tiny circles and squarish bits, medium hexagons and large hexagons. The glitter is pretty dense so one coat is pretty much all you need for a nice glitter topcoat. In different light levels and at different angles the glitter changes from red to orange to green to gold.

Formula/ Application:

The thing you’ll notice about this polish is that it’s a little thick. You might need to kinda glop the polish on your nail and spread it out a little with the brush. This may bother some of you, but for a cool glitter I don’t care too much. The thing that was a little annoying for me was the smell!! This polish has the weirdest smell ever!! It smells like a slightly stinkier version of Mod Podge (that decoupage gluish stuff) and latex paint. It’s so weird and not good at all! Uff da!! I felt like that smell was imbedded in my nostrils for like an hour after using this polish.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Despite the bad things about it (poopy base, terrible smell) I really like this polish. I don’t know why it’s called a chunky “holo” polish because to me, a holographic polish is more like the Layla polishes with a bright rainbow of colors and I think of this as a color-shifting or duochrome glitter polish but whatever. I don’t even know what the difference between holographic and duo/multichrome is! Haha. It reminds me a little of the flakes in Cult Nails’ Clairvoyant. And for about 3 dollars, it might be close enough for you if you never got your hands on that polish. I ordered mine from Amazon for right about 3 dollars and got free shipping. You can’t beat that! 😉 I have Clairvoyant, so this isn’t quite as mind blowing as I was hoping, but I do like it and am excited to use it in a jelly sandwich. For me, this is a quiet Yes, Please.

Do you have this polish? I feel like the glitter is very cool, I like all the different shapes and sizes.. but it’s in the same color palette as 70s shag carpets. Till next time, Happy Polishing!! 😀


18 thoughts on “Chunky Holo huh…?

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. I definitely like it better over black. Over the blurple of Mysterious Curse it just kinda looked sad. 😦 haha.

  1. lol I has a weird reaction to chunky holo black too, (also got it off amazon). I’ve had it for a while and just can’t figure out what do to with it…probably because it does look so not attractive in the bottle.

  2. I like to sniff nail polish….not to get high or anything, I just really like the scent of it. But if the nail polish smells really bad and not like normal nail polish, then I can’t use it. I can’t stand a horrid smell on my fingers. You already know I don’t like this one so I’m not going to elaborate. lol
    I do think it gives a cool effect but I would just stick with a flaky topcoat like Shine Of The Times. No thanks, Mr. Glitter.

    • Oh my god now I KNOW you’re nuts! Haha. If I’m being honest tho I don’t mind the smell either. I kinda like it too. 🙂 I also like the smell of gasoline… I wonder how many brain cells I’ve killed. About the smell tho- this polish is atrocious!! It does NOT smell like nail polish. The good thing is that it doesn’t stay smelly… So that’s good but for you the smell would probably stay in your nostrils forever so you should steer clear of Klean Color. The smell is unforgettable.

      • hahaha! I don’t have any Klean Color but I’ve seen them a lot at the nail places I frequent. That’s actually why I kinda stopped using seche vite because I feel it smells like poop and vomit and the smell lasts a long time. 😦 But now I’m having issues with posche too so I dunno what to do

        • I forgot you hate the smell of seche! Haha. I don’t love it, but it doesn’t bug me. What’s up with poshe?? I thought you liked it? I noticed in one of your pictures you were holding a seche bottle but I didn’t know if you’d used it or just grabbed a bottle.

          • I’ve been using poshe for a couple of months now, I think. I never really got shrinkage with seche but I think I am getting it with poshe. Plus, it has dried out a lot and got goopy. I don’t know if I can just use seche restore on it or if it will just be ruined. I should probably try to find the poshe thinner to be on the safe side.

            • I use beauty secrets thinner with everything including seche so I would think nothing of using any thinner with poshe, but I don’t wanna make you ruin yours so… good luck! 🙂

    • I think it does, too! I wish the base was a little better cuz there are definitely a lot of good points about this polish. And I LOVE all the different glitters. 🙂

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