Speak When Spoken To- Good Advice- Maybe. Good Polish- YES!

Good Morning Polished People!

I just want to very quickly show you another Limited Edition Wet n Wild Coloricon polish. I love these!!! And this one, Speak When Spoken To, might be my favorite one 🙂

3 coats of Speak When Spoken To with Seche Vite on top. Check out the different colors on the edges of my nails! Preeeeetty 😉

Of all the Coloricon polishes, I think SWST has the most pronounced duochrome effect

Speak When Spoken To is very similar to Bow in My Presence but the colors are deeper. Instead of an ice blue and light lavender/almost pink color like BIMP, SWST is a darker purple with a deeper blue to blue/green. I love this polish. The formula is identical to BIMP and there is nothing problematic about it. I love these polishes!

If you had this polish, would you wear it alone, layer it over a dark color or maybe do something else with it? Share your ideas with us 🙂 Thanks for reading. Till next time, Happy Polishing!!


6 thoughts on “Speak When Spoken To- Good Advice- Maybe. Good Polish- YES!

  1. If I owned this polish, I’d give it to you. 😛 lol The other day I bought a purple/turquoise glitter with holo bar glitter mixed in. I don’t know what I was thinking. Have you cut your nails?!?!?!

    Ok, I don’t dislike this one. I like the different flashes of color but I just can’t get over the texture. I can even feel the grittiness through the screen. lol

    • It’s not quite as gritty as you’d think but I’m not gonna waste my time unsuccessfully trying to sell you a glitter. Haha.

      YES I CUT MY NAILS!!! And they’re SO NICE!! Ahhhh seriously I love them. My mom was like “WHYYYYY?!?!” cuz I did it over at her house on Saturday night but I felt so good after then were all nice and short. They were LONG! I just have a bunch of posts and pictures backed up so you’ll see my long nails for a couple days yet. :-/

      I want that glitter!!! Turquoise and purple and bar glitter!! Oh my!! 🙂 At least tell me what it is so I can buy some for myself. I just got a few of the new Orlys. You won’t love em- glitter! But they’re pretty cool. Orly’s stepping up their glitter game!!

      • WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!? No more wire hangers…I mean glitter. Well, I know you’re a glitter lover so I guess I will just have to accept that.

        Now I can’t find the glitter…I don’t remember what it’s called. Grrrrrr. lol I’m gonna look for it tonight. I was just changing up my storage so I’m sure it’s somewhere in my melmers.

        • I love and hate glitter. Haha. Love it on my nails, hate it if it’s rough (the scented color clubs are the worst ever! Taco glitter- you’d probably have nightmares about that!) and I HATE the removal. But I do like some sparkly nails!! Agree to disagree. 🙂 You’ll be happy cuz in a day or two I’ll get off the glitter kick till I do my new orlys.

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