Bow In My Presence

Hey Everyone!!

No, I’m not just being a snob, that’s the name of this awesome polish I found at my Rite Aid. Although, if you bowed when I came around it would be kinda cool. ;p Anyway… I was looking around at Rite Aid, which I do whenever I go there “to get a gallon of milk” (it’s only a matter of time before my husband catches on!!) and spotted a mostly empty display of Wet N Wild Limited Edition Coloricon polishes. I was attracted to the polishes because they had different colors of glitter in them, but even more so because I could see a pretty strong duochrome effect along the sides of the bottles. Plus, they were like 2 or 3 bucks, so who can resist that?! I bought 2 colors and brought them home, loved them and went back the next day for the other 3. Today I will show you the first color. 🙂

Bow In My Presence: (click to enlarge, be ready for a LOT of pics)

Sometimes this polish is just an ice blue micro-glitter base with multi-colored round glitter mixed in. Maybe there’s a little lavender around the edges. All pics have 3 coats of BIMP over clear basecoat.

Sometimes it’s a slightly darker blue and even kind of blue/green with purple at the top.

Here’s a bottle shot with some light blue with purple colored nails curled around it.

I apologize for the blurriness but this picture shows how in low artificial light these nails are almost aqua and purple. And don’t forget the multi glitter mixed in 🙂

Look at those colors along that soft-looking backdrop

“Hey, I’m not a backdrop! I’m tryin to take a nap here.”

I love this polish!! I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it! And it’s SO MUCH better in real life. It’s kinda a b**** to capture on film.

So pretty!!!


Wet N Wild Bow In My Presence is an ice blue to purple duochrome/multichrome micro glitter polish. It is soooo beautiful! The color-shifting effect can be hard to capture by my camera but in real life I couldn’t stop staring at my nails. I swear they looked different in every light situation I was in. I LOVE this polish!!

Formula/ Application:

This polish is a little thin but builds to opacity by at least the 3rd coat. The brush is a little puffy at the bottom, kind of like the SH Insta Dri polishes, but unless a brush makes it impossible to use I really feel like a dbag even mentioning the brush. Sorry all you brush-analyzing bloggers. This polish dries a little gritty and definitely feels as well as looks much better with a couple coats of tc. 🙂

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

YES, PLEASE!!! This polish is awesome and I absolutely love it. I hear that it’s a dupe of the China Glaze Prismatic Glitter polishes, which I was NOT impressed with when I saw them, so if that’s the case I need to stock up on those as well. I am glad that I bought every shade my Rite Aid had, and if I had the money, I’d have bought all of the bottles so I had multiples and never ever run out. These are small bottles so I know at some point I’m gonna wish I had done that 🙂 I wore these nails for a few days (yes, FEW, I loved them that much) and then layered one of the other Coloricon polishes over black and it’s FAN-freaking-TASTIC!! It is seriously like galaxy nails without any of the effort. Some of my polish friends on Twitter were like “GALAXY NAILS!!” when I showed them. I’ll be showing you all those nails shortly. This polish would look great layered over black as well. The dark base really helps bring out the duochrome even more. 🙂

Do you have any of these polishes? From looking at my pics, if you have the China Glaze polishes, are they actually dupes? Do the China Glaze polishes have the duochrome effect? I’m really curious so I’m hoping some of you can help me out with that. As always thanks for reading and Happy Polishing!!


16 thoughts on “Bow In My Presence

  1. I’m pretty sure these are dupes for the CG Prismatics. It still doesn’t make me want to get them. lol Glitters…blargh! Considering that I pay $3 for CG, I don’t think the Wet N Wild versions are a good value because they are small bottles. Too bad not everyone can get them as cheap. 😦

    I do like the way the prismatics look and I’d use them for sponging but I just can’t deal with the gritty factor. It freaks me out now.

    • You and your glitter hating!!! Haha. Yeah the more research I did these are definitely dead-on-dupes for the prismatic glitter from ChG. It’s funny cuz I never even was the least bit interested in those but I guess it’s just cuz I didn’t know what they could do! I wish I could get my ChGs for 3 bucks cuz then I’d get those too! Since you can, you’re right that IF you even liked glitter, which you don’t, these aren’t even really worth it for you. For people who don’t have access to China Glaze (gasp!!!) or people like me who didn’t even know about those- these’ll do! I don’t even care that they’re small- who am I kidding?! I don’t wear a polish two times let alone many times which would necessitate a large bottle! ;p

        • Agghhhh! You should use it! I love it for chatting up other np obsessives! Haha. I didn’t get it either but it’s really fun now! I’m always looking at people’s nails there and it generates a little traffic for my blog, which is cool. Anyway- if you ever start using it let me know and I’ll add you, or you can add me. Unless you think I’m a tanorexic, sun-dried-turd-like handbag Betty and don’t want to… Which I’ll understand. Jk!

  2. That’s a good idea…hmmm. I wonder how people get so much traffic. I mean, the other day I had like 320 views and then the next day it was like 140 views…what the? I guess I shouldn’t really care because I have fun as it is. Once blogs get big, it’s like there is less and less interaction.

    • Is that about your average? Like around 300? I always wonder how many views other people get but then I think it might be inappropriate like asking how much money people make… Do you think it is? And yeah- the thing I really like about twitter is that those big nail people that never respond to any comments, actually respond on twitter. If my blog ever gets big enough that I don’t respond to comments (which it won’t, but IF…) I’m quitting. That’s the whole fun of it!

      • I guess some people think it’s inappropriate? I don’t really know how the non Scrangies, Temptalias, etc make money???????

        My average hovers around the low 200’s and I don’t know if that’s a lot or not.

        • That’s about how mine is too. I occasionally have a spike up to 500 if I get linked real good and yesterday I got like 700-something which I THINK was due to someone pinning me on Pinterest. It’s always exciting when that happens. Idk how anyone makes money! Haha. I don’t think we can on WP.

  3. Oooh, I want these polishes! I have the China Glaze version and I’ve heard the WnW are actually better, so I can’t wait to try them out! These remind me of mermaids for some reason, lol.

    • They’re supposed to be better?? Good!!! Cuz I passed on the ChG so I feel silly for being so hyped about these! Haha. I just love these! And I totally get the mermaid reference… The color shifting and blue tinge with the multi glitter definitely has a glitzy mermaid-tail kinda feeling. That makes me wanna use my fish-scale-ish stamp over these! 🙂

  4. whaaaaaaaa I cant find these anywhere!!!! It annoys me how HARD it is for me to find these damned things. Screw you NY pharmacies and Target!

    • They might be all gone since they’re limited edition. 😦 Also, the china glaze prismatics are supposed to be similar, so you could try those. This one will probably go on my swap list when I ever get around to making one! Haha.

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