Revlon Popular- Pink Jelly Sandwich In a Bottle

Hey there polished people!

This week has been so nice here!! The weather has been fantastic. Even on Mother’s Day it was blazing hot (okay that’s like 90 in Pacific Northwest-talk) and my mom and I laid out in the sun. I have been able to sunbathe a little over the past week (I wear sunscreen!!) and I’m starting to get a pretty good tan going on! Time to set up my pool!! 😀 Since I’m getting a little color, I thought a super-light pink would look nice on my fingers and I’d like it. Well, I was mostly wrong. Granted I wasn’t as tan as I am now because I tried this several days ago. Anyway, let’s see how it looks and you can decide if it’s worth your 3 bucks 🙂

Revlon Popular:


Popular is a super-light pink jelly (or maybe just super-sheer creme?) base with plenty of large and small silver glitter in it. I inverted the bottle while I prepped my nails and I didn’t have a problem with the glitter coming out and, being a drugstore brand, I was impressed with the amount of glitter in the bottle. It’s not too sparse at all!


The application was non-problematic. The brush is kinda fluffy but it didn’t bug me or cause any problems. It is a little sheer so you need a few coats. I can’t remember for 100%, but I’m pretty sure I used 3 coats here. It doesn’t dry super shiny like a jelly (which is what makes me think it’s not technically a jelly) so these nails have a coat of Seche Vite on top to get that nice, shiny look . 🙂

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

I just didn’t care for this color. I liked the formula just fine, liked the silver glitters and the jelly sandwich look but idk… it just didn’t wow me. I thought about keeping it to swap (I’m working on a swap list) but then decided that since I bought it at Rite Aid and they have such a generous return policy (IF you keep your original receipt) I’d just return it and get a different polish. If you like light pinks I definitely recommend you try this polish though because it’s nice for what it is. Just make sure you invert the bottle because I hear these Revlon bottles hoard more glitter than I hoard pens. And that’s a LOT.

Are you all in a summery mood these days? Do you like laying out in the sun? Also- since this is technically a nail polish blog- do you like this polish and how has your experience with Revlons been? As always thanks so much for reading and Happy Polishing!!! 😀


18 thoughts on “Revlon Popular- Pink Jelly Sandwich In a Bottle

  1. I’ve seen swatches of these, and although it’s a really pretty polish, it’s not WOW enough for me to pick it up…I do like how it’s, like you said, a jelly in sandwich in a bottle 😀 Are you going to exchange it for a different polish?

    omg I am definitely in a summery mood! The weather here has finally started to get warmer and we were able to go to the nearest water park last weekend! I’m ready to get some summer color and get away from being pale for a while lol.

    • Jealous!!! The weather has been nice here (even wore a cute sundress to work today) but not warm enough for a water park!! Well, maybe on Mother’s Day but that’s it.

      To answer your question about am I going to return this polish- ALREADY did!! Haha. I swapped it for some WnW LE coloricon polishes. 🙂

  2. I also did my mani earlier this week with Popular and like you thought it was kinda blah …. however I was able to jazz it up with a couple coats of NYC Starry Silver and now I LOVE it! Starry Silver added a nice glimmer-y finish to Popular as well as very sparse turquoise and pale pink glitter. It also dried really fast considering I had 4 thin coats of Popular under it. It left a nice shiny finish so I didn’t even bother with my usual coat of SV. For $ .99, Starry Silver is a steal! My son even complimented me on my “polka dot” nails!

    • That was smart!! I have that NYC glitter so I should have tried it. Oh well, the polish I returned this for is fantastic! 😉 It’s too bad that this polish is so blah cuz it really is pretty in theory and the amount of glitter is impressive, it just didn’t do anything for me. Yay for you spicing it up!! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!! 😀

  3. I couldn’t bring myself to buy this polish because the pink seemed too light for me. And don’t you just love rite aid? lol i bought a bottle of Sinful Colors Savage, looked gorgeous but it was horrible to apply. they didnt question it or anything lol. I think it looks good on you though!!!

    • I just loved all the silver glitter and wanted it to be just right for a light summer mani! No luck tho. Oh well cuz yes, Rite Aid is awesome. And it works out cuz you can still share crappy polishes w your readers but then return them! Haha. My Rite Aid is a little dumpy but I sure like their nail polish section! 😉

      • I agree! Rite Aid has a great polish selection and an even better return policy. I bought 10 bottles of polish last weekend during their NAIL EXTRAVAGANZA ($10 UP reward with $30 nail polish purchase) and ended up returning one and exchanging another – hassle free! Amazingly, even though I bought all those polishes, I still haven’t reached the $30 goal so I guess I’ll have to check out Rite Aid again this weekend… thank goodness purchases are cumulative!

        • I know!! So many of their polishes are so inexpensive it’s hard to get to that $30 mark… whoa… those are words I never expected to say! Haha. If you wanna hit that mark I suggest the WnW coloricon polishes and some NYC quick dry topcoat. I recently tried it and it’s pretty great! Definitely a nice alternative to Seche and about a third of the price! I’m not gonna totally replace my SV but when I know I’m just kinda “trying out” a look, I’m definitely reaching for that! 🙂 And the returns… so nice (as long as you have your original receipt!). The only thing that could make it better would be if they could look your purchase up electronically. I’m not gonna nit-pick tho!

          What are a few faves out of the polishes you bought?

          • That’s a good idea about the NYC topcoat, especially since Starry Silver worked out so well. I’m also considering their matte topper as well. I already have some of the WnW coloricon polishes which I do agree are so pretty!
            As far as my Rite Aid haul last weekend,in addition to Starry Silver, I bought a bunch of WnW: Wet Cement, On a Trip, Disturbia, I Red a Good Book and 9021Orange. I also got LA Girl sparkling peach which is so pretty over Disturbia. I also got ColorClub Blue-ming which I plan on doing a funky french w/ On a Trip. I also bought Petites Utopia which is a really pretty teal and Julie G Passion which is a vibrant fushia-plum. I’m considering doing a funky french w/ both of these as well as 9021 Orange together w/ I Red a Good Book. I was inspired to do the french thing when I saw the new Revlon French Mix display at Rite Aid. At $8, I think they are overpriced so I decided to put together my own combos for a lot less!
            The one polish that I bought that was a “No Thank U” was loreal gorgeous gold… I swatched it and it was just lumpy looking. Took it back and got SH white veil which is another pretty topcoat.
            Thank goodness I have til 6/2 to get to $30… I just feel so guilty buying new polish before I had a chance to wear the ones I just bought!

            • Dang, you did make a haul!! Those all sound pretty! 🙂 Sammy from swears by the NYC tc and it IS great. She said her latest bottle was bad tho but the one I got was fine! I haven’t tried the matte topcoat so let me know what you think of it when you try it! I use Essie, but next time I’m at Rite Aid I might pick that up myself to compare the two.

  4. You know I’m going to say pass! It’s too much of a glitterbomb for me but the base color is pretty and looks really good on you. I started laughing when you were talking about tanning because yesterday I was talking to my friend and she was telling me about her aunt Betty who loves to tan and how she’s dark brown and crispy even though she has very pale Irish skin. lol So now I’m going to say “handbag betty” whenever I see a tanorexic. I’m not saying you are one, ok!? lol Remember that lady on tv that got in trouble for letting her young daughter go to the tanning salon? Now that lady has issues.

    I didn’t know that Rite Aid had a nice return policy. I feel weird returning things…I don’t know why. Even at Sephora or Nordstrom where they take ANYTHING back, I rarely return anything. I’m just weird that way.

    • Oh my gosh that lady was disgusting!!! She looked like a sun-dried turd!!! EW! I definitely am NOT tanorexic but I do get pretty brown in the summer since I work outside every day. And- I like being tan. It makes my blonde hair look lighter and just makes me feel better. I could definitely be a tanorexic if I’m not careful cuz I do love it. I don’t go tanning tho so that should prevent that. No handbag Betty here!!! Haha.

      I just got to thinking- you think this is too glittery but you want Whimsical?! Crazy lady! Haha. I still haven’t swatched that. I tried a gradient instead so that’s what I’m sporting today. Speaking of Whimsical there’s a contest to win a bottle on You should win your possibly too glittery nail polish there! 🙂 She’s really nice and who knows- maybe you’ll win one to try!! 😉

      • I know. I’m a weirdo. I probably just want it because I see everyone else has it…monkey see monkey do syndrome. lol I am kind of giving up on entering giveaways because I seriously never win ANYTHING. I think I used up all my luck when I was a kid because I would always win raffles and stuff like that.

        OMG…sun-dried turd. LOL

        • Yeah I never win either but I never HAVE been a lucky winner so maybe I’m due. I wanna win Frosso’s Floam extravaganza so maybe if I cross my fingers and toes and get a rabbits foot (Ew) and find a four lead clover I’ll be like 10% likely to win. Haha. I know she was worried that there wouldn’t be enough entrants so this could be your chance! Haha.

  5. It’s pretty but I think the pink would be too light on me, since I’m pasty pale white, lol! I just bought Whimsical by Revlon, which looks like the light blue version of this. I’m pretty psyched to try it out! 🙂

    • Yeah it was just kinda too light for me too and I’m fairly dark for a white girl. 😉 I posted some pics on Twitter of Whimsical yesterday when I was trying it out. It’s kind of an interesting polish. I love the color of it but I’m not sure how I feel about how it behaves on the nail. The glitter is more sparse than this so it can be kinda tricky. I definitely haven’t mastered it yet. Let me know how you like it when you try it! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!!

    • Why did they change this one and also apparently Revlon Extravagance (I think that’s it- the purple glitter in a black base) used to be Fuchsia something…? I agree with you about this polish. Very pretty, good formula just not “me” either.

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