Diagonal and Dots Neon on Neon Nails

Hey Everyone!!

I hope you all had a nice weekend with your moms or if you’re a mom yourself, had a nice weekend with your kids.. AND maybe your mom too 🙂 I imagine some day when I have kids I’ll spend the day with my kids and my mom. It’s funny cuz I’m in my upper twenties these days but I still feel like I’m maaayyyybe like 25…? I don’t really feel like a “real” adult even though I’m married, we own our home and I’m done with school (except for some continuing education credits I need to take… more on that later.. or never! haha). I don’t even know how old I look. There’s a guy who does the set-up for my art classes and I sometimes talk to him as he’s setting up tables and I’m getting out paints, paper, etc for class and I thought he must be around my age… like maybe a couple of years younger… like 25ish… well… turns out he’s 22!!! I was like dannggggg I wonder how old he thinks I am?! But it’s not like I wanna ask, cuz he probably wont know if I’ll be offended and wont wanna say. Anyway- the moral of the story is that when I have kids I feel like maybe THEN I’ll feel like a real adult… but maybe not. When did you all start feeling like a real adult?? Help a girl out!!

On to the nail polish-

Diagonal and Dot Neon on Neon Nails:

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat them bad boys.
  2. Apply ChG White on White to opacity (one good coat usually does it).
  3. Apply 2 coats of Orly Glowstick.
  4. Apply 1 coat of Seche Vite and allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. Once the Seche is completely dry, use striping tape to tape a diagonal line from one corner of your nail to the opposite corner. Apply another strip of tape parallel to the first. Repeat this for all of your nails.
  6. Use FP Inkblot Blue to polish from the first strip, over the second and down to the cuticle and side of your nail. After you polish one hand, remove the tape before doing the next. If a little polish went where it’s not supposed to, just use your clean up brush in some remover to straighten it out a little.
  7. When you’re done painting the diagonal bits and removing the tape, place a drop of the blue polish on a square of tinfoil.
  8. Use a toothpick or dotting tool to put the three dots on each nail.
  9. Allow plenty of drying time after you finish up the dots.
  10. When the dots are completely dry- carefully apply a final coat of Seche Vite and you’re done 😀

I didn’t particularly love these nails and I actually took them off after a few minutes. Now that I’m typing up these instructions I’m realizing they were pretty time-consuming so I don’t necessarily recommend you do these in particular. This design though would look really good with different colors. Dark and light blue would look good. Black and nude would look really awesome… just make sure to use a dark opaque-in-one-coat color for the stripes and dots cuz as you can see my dots look a little fuzzy cuz they took a couple of layers of polish to be opaque. If you try these make sure to tweet me a pic! 🙂

Let me know when you all started feeling (or plan to feel) like a real adult!! 🙂 I hope you at least found these nails mildly amusing! Haha. Thanks for reading and Happy Polishing!!


10 thoughts on “Diagonal and Dots Neon on Neon Nails

  1. That is such a good question! When DO you start feeling like a real adult? I think I’m still a little young. I’m almost in my mid 20s and I have friends who are married and have kids, but when we’re with each other, it doesn’t feel any different lol.

    I am loving your neon designed mani 🙂 Anything neon right now is fun to look at!

    • I have a couple friends with kids but not any I really hang out with. And most of my friends are single or have a steady gf/bf but not married. I think it’s gonna take me till I’m like 40. Maybe then. Haha. It’s not like I’m in a hurry- just curious. 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

  2. You know I’m 32 and I still feel like a kid. My friend was telling me yesterday how much she loved my hair. I’ve been doing kind of a wavy faux-hawk and I smooth down the sides. She was really digging it so I told her that I was going to cut the top shorter so that I could spike it and she says: “Oh, that’s too young. The way you have it now looks really good and appropriate.” It felt like the first time some kid called me ma’m or when the cashiers at the store stopped asking for my ID when I buy alcohol. 😦 We’re adults but it doesn’t mean that we have to act and feel like one. hahaha!

    So about your nails, I am really loving the design!!!! It’s so cute and you are right that a different color combo would make this look really different. I gotta be honest: I’m not diggin’ Glowstick overall. It’s just so hi-lighter yellow that it just looks radioactive.

    Here’s a funny story: I was at the ER (when I had the first of my meltdowns last year) and my best friend came to keep me company while a therapist showed up to assess me. So the guy shows up and he says to me: “Let’s go into a private room so we can talk. Do you want your son to come with us?” My friend busts out laughing because he’s a year older than me and I say: “Come along, son.” So that’s our joke now…he’s my son. This clueless therapist called him my son like 3 times…even after my friend told him: “I’m not her son! She’s younger than me!” I guess nervous breakdowns age you. LOL

    • Hey you never told me how that Wen turned out!! How was/is it?? And that’s funny she said it wasn’t age appropriate! Hahaha…. I’d be like “Geez… how old do you think I am?! I’m not too old for short hair!” haha. And I love your story about your best friend with the doctor. That is hilarious but kind of infuriating too because it’s like HELLO!! ARE YOU LISTENING!!! I can understand tho how the doctor would think you were older than you are tho cuz idk about you but when I was in the ER I looked like DEATH… they either thought I was like 15 or 45 I’m sure! Oooof just thinking of how I looked all that time gives me the shudders!
      Yeah these nails would be cool with a different color I think. I DO like Glowstick tho… I’m into obnoxious colors tho! Haha. 🙂

      • Ok well, I know that I did tell you about WEN because I remember typing it up. However, I’m noticing that wordpress is eating up my replies sometimes or it doesn’t tell me that I have new comments so I have to go look in each post. So annoying. 😦 But anyway, I ADORE Wen. It’s made such a huge difference with my hair. Since I’ve been going to gym a lot, I wash my hair with wen at night when I finish my workout. I’m still washing it with regular shampoo in the morning and I can tell how great it feels when I use WEN. I am probably going to buy another bottle now since I’ve been rationing it like gold. I know that it’s a lover or hate relationship with WEN from the reviews I see online so I’m glad they have a return policy in case it just doesn’t work for you.

        And yeah…I kinda yelled at her for calling me old! She’s 52 herself so how dare she?! lol She’s so funny, though. She says: “If your friends can’t tell you the truth….”

        My friend is never going to let me live that whole episode down. He listed himself as my son on facebook. lol Plus, we are always arguing about how old he looks because he is so vain and is always saying he looks 25 and I say 25 + 10 years. So once that guy mistook him for my soon, he felt that was validation that he looked young. Oh brother!

        • Give an egomaniac a compliment…. 😉 Jk. Maybe I missed your reply about the Wen stuff… who knows. Thanks for letting me know tho. If it goes on Groupon or something I might give it a try 🙂

  3. I’m almost in the same boat as you…I’m like the non married boat at the next doc 😛 I’m reaching my late 20’s … or in them *cringe* I still feel like I’m about 25 though. I like that number, its a good comfortable in the middle number. 25 was a good year *sigh* I feel aged. Everyone thinks I’m way younger though, people usually guess 23 or younger. I’m not complaining, I do look younger than I really am so I’m happy with that as long as it stays that way 🙂 I’m horrible at guessing other people’s ages so I try to avoid that cause I’m always like 10 years off lol.

    • Haha well at least you look super young even though you “feel aged”!!! I don’t know how old I look, probably my correct age… I just always see people and think everyone looks older or younger than me, never my age. Oh well, I don’t feel old so I’m good. Haha. I actually really look forward to my bday each year and getting another year older. 🙂 I work with kids so they usually say I look really young, but they’re kids so…. ;p

  4. I’m in my late twenties as well and I dont feel like an adult! I thought I would after I got married, but I still feel like a kid sometimes. I go nuts over silly things like hello kitty and nail polish, which some “adults” I know prolly think is childish of me, but I dont care! I hope I never feel too much like an adult, I always wnna feel like a kid at heart.

    • Me toooooo!!! Plus I’m around kids a lot so I have plenty of time to do kiddish stuff. Haha. It’s good to be “young at heart” although that makes us sound positively geriatric!!! Haha.

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