Quick Preview of Revlon Royal and Layla Hologram Effect Flash Black

Hey Everyone!!

I have some nail polish that I can’t wait to share with you so I thought I’d do a quick preview post with the nails I did just playing around. I got an Ulta gift card from my brother and his fiancée for my bday and let me tell you, that gift card was spent before everyone could finish singing Happy Birthday! Haha. Anyway, today my nail mail finally came and inside the box was Revlon Royal and Layla Flash Black. I’ve been sooooo excited to try the holo polishes from Layla, so getting that gift card was the perfect way for me to justify buying a $15 nail polish. When I was placing my order to Ulta I also was looking for some good jelly polish so I sent a plea out to my twitter friends and several suggested Revlon Royal. I have heard so much about it but never tried it. Why?? I guess cuz I’m a polish snob. I always get the OPIs and China Glazes and stuff like that, I never even take a second look at the drugstore brands. I think I better change that! This Revlon is just as awesome as everyone says! 😀

Revlon Royal Jelly Sandwich with Flash Black Holo Accent Nail:

What’s On My Nails:

  1. No basecoat under Flash Black, SH Hard as Nails under the rest.
  2. 2 coats of Flash Black on the accent nail.
  3. Revlon Royal sandwiched with an unnamed scattered holo glitter polish from LA Colors on the rest of my fingers.
  4. Seche Vite dry fast top coat over all.

This is off topic, but before I wrap this up I just want to say Thank You to all the people who have been pinning my nails on Pinterest. I check every so often and see who’s been pinning what. It’s really fun for me to see that people have enjoyed my nails so much that they want to share them with other people. So thank you very much, everyone, and keep it up! 😉 Pin away!!! 😀

I looooove these polishes and can’t wait to do a full review for you all. Be looking in the near future for another glitter sandwich with Revlon Royal and a full review and full mani with Flash Black. I just want to make sure to do a full holo mani when I’m going to keep it for a few days. Right now I’m too busy playing with polish to waste my holo just to swatch it. How do you guys like these polishes? Do you have either of them? Thanks for reading and as always, Happy Polishing!!!

8 thoughts on “Quick Preview of Revlon Royal and Layla Hologram Effect Flash Black

  1. Great mani. I love Revlon Royal. When I first tried it, it became one of my fav nail polishes….until I realized how quickly it chips! Most jellys chip quickly tho bc theyre thin. Chipping isnt usually a big deal to me bc I change my nail color so often that I dont give my nail polish a chance to chip….but this one chipped the SAME DAY. I love the color tho, so vibrant.

    • That’s crappy! I didn’t really give this one a chance to chip- I only wore it for like 25 hours. Haha. My Essie Jelly Apple tho was really good and didn’t chip while I wore it. I seem to have good luck with that (knock on wood!!!). I don’t even bother commenting on wear for the most part tho cuz just like you I never even give them a chance to chip! 🙂

  2. I’ve never done the jelly sandwich thing and it looks pretty cool. Wow…I want that holo. It’s so gorgeous. I also saw that Illamasqua is on sale…and I can’t buy anything. Poo hoo. 😦

    • Booooo 😦 This Layla is so awesome!! And this one at least has worn great! I did laundry, showered and even helped my husband load up some cinder blocks and only had the slightest tip wear! It’s the best 🙂

      • Lucky! I had tip wear and some chipping within a couple of hours and I didn’t do anything slightly rough with my hands. Oh well. I’m glad yours is lasting like a champ.

        • Yeah I was super lucky! Come June you must buy it!! And I got mysterious curse today as well as Glowstick from their collection that’s something like “feel the vibe”…? And a blue “neon” from FP. I need more hands.

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