Essie Jelly Apple Review

Good Morning Polished People!

Today I have a quick post to show you about Essie Jelly Apple. This isn’t a new polish, there’s a really good chance some of you already own it and there’s nothing crazy special about it but I just really like it. Let’s look at the pics, and then I’ll give you the breakdown.

Essie Jelly Apple:

Forgive the slightly messy cuticles. These are the nails you may have heard about if you follow me on Twitter because I fell asleep while I was painting them. I know, I know.. HOW does one fall asleep while painting their nails?! Well, I don’t exactly have the answer to that except that all of a sudden I woke up with a little polish on my fingers and my nails were painted and I really had almost NO recollection of painting them. I think I did them half asleep. There was polish all over my cuticles but I was too tired to clean them up so I waited till today after work to clean off anything that didn’t soak off in the shower. I don’t recommend polishing your nails when you’re THAT tired. However- ya gotta do what ya gotta do! 😉


Jelly Apple is a perfect candy apple red but the special thing about it is that, like the title suggests, it’s a jelly. That means it’s sheer and has depth when you see it in real life. The above pictures have about 4 coats of polish on my nails. This polish will make a great glitter/jelly sandwich one of these days 🙂


Being a jelly, this polish dries SUPER shiny. This picture is with no topcoat. It’s incredibly shiny in real life!It goes on smooth as can be and builds nicely to opacity. It’s the perfect consistency- not too thick, not too thin which is sometimes a problem I have with Essie polishes.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Yes, Please! If you don’t have this polish already, do yourself a favor and get it. I ordered it on Amazon for about 5 bucks and free shipping. It got here in 3 days and I was thrilled! I liked it so much I wore it plain and then I did some super cool nail art over it. Wait till you see  😉

19 thoughts on “Essie Jelly Apple Review

  1. I absolutely love this color! I have it and its one of my fav reds. Thats so funny that you fell asleep while doing your nails! You sound like a prego LMAO!

      • No, I don’t. I think it’s pretty similar to OPI Dating A Royal and I have like 2 other similar colors. I’ve always thought the formula on Revlon is a little too watery for my liking.

        • Oh I didn’t know dating a royal was a jelly. This is my first Revlon but it’s def not watery just for future reference in case you ever wanna try one. It’s the fast drying kind so maybe these are better.

            • Now that one to me looks watery.. but considering it’s probably really cheap I’d try if it it looks good to you… in JUNE! It’s not TOO glittery. I was kicking myself today taking off OPI Gettin Miss Piggy With It.

              • I don’t remember that one but I did get one glitter from that collection that I really like. I have worn it maybe 3 times so you know I really like it. I just love the muppets period.

                Whimsical is one that I’ll probably love on everyone else except for me. I’d rather pay Revlon prices than Deborah Lippman any day. lol

                • Ugh for sure! I just can’t justify spending 20 bucks a polish. If there was one that REALLY killed me I’d get it but mostly they get duped soon enough for me to wait it out. What I am happy to spend the money for right now is the Layla holos! I’m wearing Flash Black right now and it’s AMAZING!!! My favorite polish ever.

                  • I think I might get all of the layla holos. :/ I’m trying real hard not to obsess over them but it’s kinda hard. Ulta still doesn’t have them in store. I just want to see them all together.

                    • Mine finally does! They just had them when I went in the day before yesterday. They didn’t have a ton though so if I want more I better hustle. I would like to wait a while and see if more companies come out with holo polishes but idk if they will. I think the materials required for these good linear holos are kinda expensive so idk if ChG and the like will follow suit. Although they did with their OMG collection so who knows. I want more holos! They are SO awesome. Yo

                    • The end of that last comment was supposed to be “You, my friend, have to wait till June!” 🙂 I don’t usually pull a Randy Jackson and start and end all my statements with “yo”.

  2. OMG! I am so glad that I am not the only person in the world to do my nails in my sleep! I am going to blame Ambien for mine 😉 I removed a manicure that did not turn out how I wanted it. I don’t remember a thing. I folded and put away a bunch of laundry one night with no memory of doing it. But that is a whole different story. Jelly apple is one of my favorites!

    • You are definitely not alone! I don’t take ambien tho so I don’t have a good excuse 😉 Hey, at least you got some productive stuff done! I wish I could get my laundry put away in my sleep, that sounds awesome!! haha. I’m loving Jelly Apple, too. Thanks for reading and commenting!! 😀

  3. So this is the polish you were using to paint your nails when you fell asleep lol. That’s so funny! 😀 This is an amazing red! It really does look good on you

    • Yes this is the one!! Haha. I was soooo tired that night! 🙂 And thanks… I really love this red and I usually don’t really like reds a TON, but I’m making an exception for this one 😀

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