Tranquil Blue and Purple Nails

Good Morning Polished People!!

This is the first post I’m posting via my phone so I’ll try to keep it short just to see how it goes. :) Today’s nails reminded me of a tranquil pond, hence the name, if only ponds were purple. O.o Hey, it’s my imagination. ;) Let’s have a look and see what you all think.

Tranquil Blue and Purple Nails:


How To Get These Nails:
– Basecoat them bad boys
– Apply 2 coats of Ulta Celebutante
– Allow to dry to the touch
– Apply one more thick coat of Celebutante to one nail
– Immediately paint one thin stripe of Fly down the middle of that nail
– Immediately drag a needle across your nail in alternating directions to slightly mix the wet polish together
– Repeat the above 3 steps on all your nails
– Allow the polish to dry to the touch then apply your favorite topcoat
– Prepare for compliments :D

Quick review of Celebutante:
This is a medium, slightly greyed purple creme polish. It applies perfectly and is opaque in one coat. It doesn’t dry matte but it’s also not super shiny so you’ll want a good shiny topcoat. :) I have absolutely no complaints and this is a “Yes, Please!” for me. :D

Let me know how you like these nails and if you’ve tried needle marbling (which this is more like) or needle dragging (which is what I intended it to be more like). I got the inspiration for these nails from Let There Be Lacquer so definitely go check out her blog and see what I WANTED it to look like. Maybe next time ;) I hope everyone had a good weekend! Thanks for reading and Happy Polishing!!! ;D

28 thoughts on “Tranquil Blue and Purple Nails

      • Sometimes that’s all that we can say. :) I want to try this…maybe in a few days because I’m not rushing to take off my current color. I love it!

        • Cynthia! Ooooh is it weird that I’m like very intrigued that your name is now revealed…. if in fact that is really your name… couple be a pseudonym… hmmmm. Anyway, you should totally try it AFTER you’ve gotten the wear you want from your current nails. What are they? I did a diagonal stripe mani with my new striping tape that I’m LOVING and am gonna try to wear them for a few days, too. We’ll see! I get the best ideas when I have good nails on… I’m already like “ooh I should try x tomorrow! NO NO NO KEEP THESE NAILS!!”

          • Haha…I thought it was kind of weird that people called me Lacquerloon all the time so I changed it to my name. So yes, Cynthia is my real name even though I have never liked it.

            My current nails are Orly Mysterious Curse. I love it so much that there is no design, no stamping, no nothing…just the polish. I’m going to wear it until it starts looking gross.

            I ordered striping tape, dotting tools and beads on ebay a few days ago. They just shipped today from China so I should get them in the next eon. :/

            • What do you like to be called since you’re not so hot on your name? Or do you just go by Cynthia still? That Orly polish is amazing, for sure. We totally think alike cuz I just ordered all that stuff too but luckily I got most of mine already and the rest should be here today I think. What I ordered that WON’T be here is a super cute phone cover. I ordered it the same time as the rest of my stuff and it says it’ll be here on June 14!!! That’s close to 2 months shipping time. It doesn’t seem like it should take anything anywhere in the world THAT long but whatever. It was really inexpensive so I guess that’s the price I pay. “China- teaching Americans delayed gratification one online impulse buy at a time.”

              • LMAO…that shipping time is crazy. I bought swatch sticks a while back and I got them in under 2 weeks and that was free shipping too so I don’t get it.

                Meh…I still go by Cynthia. I just can’t stand Cindy but so many people in my family call me Cindy…I am so NOT a Cindy.

                I just read on the PolishAholic’s blog that Mysterious Curse is a re-promote of last Spring’s Royal Velvet. Not very original. :( Since I don’t have that many Orly’s, I didn’t even notice it.

                I ruined my manicure today because I gave myself a pedicure. I wanted to wear flip flops and I needed one bad. I wore some latex gloves but the acetone still soaked through a little. Grrrrr. So now I’m trying Haute As Hello which I think looks kinda weird on me. It seems like a neon.

                • Boo to that being a rerelease and also to being called nicknames you don’t even like. :-/ I don’t have many orly’s either so I had no clue. Oh well at least it’s a super pretty one. If it makes you feel any better my ulta order just got here (flash black holo!!) so my super awesome nails that I’m wearing right now are probably a thing of the past. :-/ Life’s tough today, huh? Haha.

                  • I really want that flash back holo. It’s so gorgeous. I need to guy one of those basecoats that are made for holos because the wear time was ridiculous. It literally started chipping a couple of hours later. :(

                    • I hear if you use a matte topcoat as a base it helps and seche isn’t supposed to ruin the holo effect. Have you found that to be true or false?

                    • I didn’t use a base coat at all. I have hear that any top coat usually ruins the holo effect. I did apply seche to my laylas and it didn’t seem to make much of a difference.

    • … if ponds were purple. Haha. Thank you! Even tho they didn’t turn out how I wanted them I was pleasantly surprised. Now the nails I wore yesterday- that’s a different story! Haha. They were hideous!

  1. This came out so beautiful! I especially love the colors you chose. Never done any needle marbling or dragging before…maybe I should try this. Do you have to put a lot on to get it to drag? Or do you just kinda dot it on in a line and drag? I’m trying to visualize this lol.

    • I’ll have to do a little picture tutorial but yeah you paint your nails, let em mostly dry, add another thick coat then run a pretty thick (as in how much polish not necessarily width) line of the other polish down the center and drag away with the needle. The secret definitely is having enough polish. It seems like way too much but you definitely need it. And it helps if the base is dry cuz otherwise it’s easy to get a bare spot all the way down to your nail. The author of Let There Be Lacquer is the one who was like “the amount of polish is key” and it’s so true. Can’t wait to see your creation!! ;)

    • Thank you! Yes you’re exactly right! You (or at least I did) just kinda have to keep an open mind cuz the design sometimes does what it wants. :-/ But it’s still interesting and something most “normal” people haven’t even seen before. :)

    • Thanks! If you’re already using a good topcoat, the next most important thing you can do (and maybe THE most important thing!!) is to wrap your tips. If that still doesn’t do the trick you can also try a base coat specially made for good adhesion (there are lot out there, usually in a frosted bottle, I got the Orly one for my mom but you can pick any of them). Another thing to do is to apply more topcoat (including wrapping the tips every evening or every other evening. Besides keeping the tips strong to avoid chipping it also makes your mani look brand new again. :) Let me know if any of this helps!! And- thanks for reading and commenting! :)

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