Del Sol Ruby Slippers = Color-Changing Nail Polish!!!! :D

Good Evening Everyone!!!

Tonight I want to share with you my color-changing nail polish that I teased some of you with on Twitter (@PolishMePlease) but didn’t get to post until now. These polishes start out as a certain color, and then when exposed to UV rays (sunlight) they turn into a completely different color. I have 3 of these nail polishes so far and they’re just as awesome as you think they should be. The colors change quickly and are bright and vibrant, as you’ll see. The only complaint I have is that the colors could be a little more adventurous. They cater to the red/pink/purple crowd a little more than I’d like but all the polishes are pretty, and they change color!!! and if you layer them you can create much more exciting looks. I have only been to the store at my local beach, so maybe there are more exciting colors in other stores or online at These polishes sell for $9 apiece which isn’t even a bad price, but they also go on special quite frequently, so keep your eye out for that. 🙂

Ruby Slippers Color Changing Nail Polish:

Ruby Slippers when indoors

These nails are a base of FP Black Expressionism with 2 coats of Del Sol Ruby Slippers over the top. Notice how it’s a nice fine silver glitter over the black. This reminded me a lot of OPI Metallic 4 Life from the Nicki Minaj collection. Now, are you ready to see it when it’s exposed to sunlight? 🙂

I had to include this wide shot so you could catch a tiny glimpse of how beautiful it was at the beach last weekend. 🙂

Ruby Slippers outdoors

When exposed to UV light, Ruby Slippers lives up to its name. Even over black, you can see how the glitter turns red, and the polish in the bottle really shows you what a vibrant red it transforms into. I loved this combination!! It looked so pretty when indoors, and when I went outside the glitter turned red giving these nails a dark red look… so cute!!

Do you have any of this color-changing nail polish? I was talking to the author of Of Life and Lacquer the other day and she was saying how she just got her hands one some old heat-sensitive color-changing nail polish and it reminded me of when I was younger and had “mood ring” nail polish that changed “depending on your mood” aka: heat. 🙂 Als0, when I was in high school and had fake nails, my favorite polish to choose from the salon was a pink polish that turned white when warm, so it always created this interesting reverse French mani look where my nail beds were whitish and the tips, being cooler, were pink. I loved that polish!! Let me know what kind of magical nail polish you’ve owned and/or worn! 🙂 Till next time, Happy Polishing!! 😀


4 thoughts on “Del Sol Ruby Slippers = Color-Changing Nail Polish!!!! :D

  1. Ahhhh!!! so happy you posted these!!!!! I’ve heard of the mood ring polishes…I think i’ve seen them at Clare’s, but I doubted that they worked. I mean real mood necklaces rarely work, they always stay blue or green. You know what would be awesome? Neon color changing polish. or Something starting as dark pink and turning neon pink in the sun. I should create that lol!!!

    • Ooooh that would be awesome! They have dark pinks that go light and vice versa, but no neons. You should get on that! 😉

      I agree with you on the mood polishes, those rings and stuff never work 😦

  2. I love Del Sol! I’ve had a few of these on my wish list for some time and now I think imma have to order them! I love the red one. I’m a big red/pink/purple fan so they’re right up my alley 🙂

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