I’m always right. Well, once I was wrong cuz I thought I wasn’t right, but I was.

Good Morning Polished People!

I used that for my titled because when I worked at Safeway during high school and the beginning of college there were a lot of crazy people, some cute guys and a lot of nice older people who shopped there regularly. One of the older men told me that once- “I’m always right… well, one time I was wrong, cuz I thought I wasn’t right, but I was.” They told me things all the time that I didn’t quite understand so I’d polite-giggle, but this one I got and thought was pretty cute and clever.

Well, this title is fitting because whenever I paint my nails coral, I don’t like them very much so I stamp over them. I don’t know what color to do so I go with white… and I HATE coral and white even more than coral by itself!!! Idk what my problem is with coral, cuz I THINK I like it, but when my nails are painted I’m like huh… nope. Today’s nails were no exception.

Swirl Moon Mani Nails:

Since I didn’t like them, I decided to try a different color. I thought hmm… maybe I’ll like them better in coral and black!!

I did like them a lot better with black. But then I thought… These are kind of a trippy pattern, they might be better served with a more adventurous color combination. So I tried yellow!

It’s worth noting that these nails were done using my Red Angel plates. You might remember that my first mani using my RA plates did NOT turn out so well, and the plates didn’t seem to work very well. Well, you can see that this plate worked perfectly! SO… the jury is still out. Based on this design I like my Red Angel plates a lot. I hope most of the plates are like this one (RA 110) and not like RA 103 which didn’t provide a clear stamp. I’ll keep ya posted and provide a bit of a review when I’ve tried more of them. 🙂

These Nails Are:

  1. SH Hard As Nails
  2. 3 coats of ChG Make Some Noise
  3. SH Insta-Dri in Clearly Quick
  4. Konad special white, Konad special black or SH Insta-Dri in Lightening using stamp RA 110
  5. SH Insta-Dri in Clearly Quick

Which do you like better? Do you have a specific look you know you’re gonna hate but you always try anyway? Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading, everyone! Happy Polishing!!


10 thoughts on “I’m always right. Well, once I was wrong cuz I thought I wasn’t right, but I was.

  1. I love all the color combos! But i understand how if you look down at something others think is great but you find it bad. For example, my Easter egg nails or my current nails, i thought i’d love them but then they’re on and i go “nope” lol. But so far everyone has said opposite so maybe it’s just a glitch in my own head right now lol.

    The pattern is super trippy, super great and i LOVE it. I think the black is my favorite.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I like this pattern too but yeah, for some reason I just always hate coral and white! Haha. Isn’t it great tho that our taste is SO good that even when we don’t like our nails other people do?? Haha. I’m JK… a little. ;p I think I like the black best too. I think coral is just too girly for me or something… The black edges it up a bit. 🙂

    • Ahhh the good old Safeway days. Haha. Did you guys call it Slaveway, too? Service 10! Hahaha. I was a couple of hours S of you… in Oregon. Darn, that would have been the funniest thing ever if we’d known each other!!

  2. I really like the pattern. It’s like an acid trip. I mean, if I new what an acid trip was like. Cause, uhm, you know, I’d never do that. Yeah…ok. I like the first one for like a Christmas mani and the others just like psychedelic baby!

    • Hahaha yep, we just need some Pink Floyd and a laser light show and we’re good. Haha. I agree about it looking Christmas-y… maybe that’s why I don’t like it. Coral’s too close to red.

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