Adventures in Shopping

Good Morning Polished People!

I have been busy looking at dresses lately. For some reason I got a wild hair up my butt (that’s a pretty gross saying, huh? Anyway…) that I need some new dresses. I have a gift card for Old Navy from Valentine’s Day so I went there and looked at/tried on some dresses. Sometimes ON dresses can be really cute and cheap, but sometimes they can be basically a young-person’s muu muu. I mean, ANYONE can fit in their dresses. Their sizes are huge, the material is generally knit and they’re comfy as heck. Now, just cuz anyone can wear them and they’re comfy doesn’t mean anyone should. Unless you’re super skinny (which I, unfortunately, am not) lots of the dresses just look sloppy. However, I still manage to find at least a couple every year. 🙂 A funny thing happened during this trip- I realized how much smart phones and picture messaging have changed my shopping life. I tried this dress on:

and I liked how it fit but I wasn’t sure about the print. My husband said it looked like Grandma’s sheets… so I took a picture of myself in the dressing room and sent it off to a few friends and within 4 minutes everyone was like “NO.” So… I came home slightly dejected and found this one online, same cut, different print:

I saw it in store but they didn’t have my size. I texted a picture of this to a couple of friends, one said it was WORSE than the blue one, but one said it was a little better, so naturally I ordered it. Haha. Who knows, it may be hideous, or it may be cute. We’ll see. I generally look just fine in bright colors because I have naturally tan skin and dark blonde hair, so I’m not too worried about the mustard-meets-biohazard yellow color, but we’ll see how I feel about the dress itself. I just really wanted a cute print spring dress. Print is in people!! I wanna be part of that trend! 😉 Also, since these dresses were only $25 and you get free shipping on orders over $50, and I signed up for email updates and got a $10 off $50 coupon code, I ordered this dress to try as well:

I’m a little apprehensive about this neckline, but who knows. I think this dress would look particularly cute on my friend Ami who is large busted but has these nice little skinny legs that would look really cute peering out from the bottom of this ruffle-y dress. Idk if she likes this or not (What do you think, Ami??) but when I saw these cinched waist dresses I thought of her. We’ll see what she says. 😉 The next fashion risk I wanna take is getting a maxi-skirt. I believe they are the sweat pants of the dress world… but I might be okay with that. We’ll see. I may rock an Amish skirt at some point. And by rock, I mean not shave my legs and wear.

How do you guys like my potential new dresses? And what are your thoughts on maxi-skirts? I have some nails that I’ll share with you later. They’re inspired by dresses, but not necessarily these dresses. Originally this was one huge post, but I decided to spare you and break it up. You’re welcome. ;p Check back later for the nails! 🙂  See you all then!


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Shopping

  1. I think I like the red one the best. I like prints, but they can be totally hit or miss. I agree with how old navy’s clothes fit too. Sometimes you can find something that fits great, but most of the time they do look mumu-ish haha. I want to try maxi skirts and dresses as well. My issue is that everyone I’ve tried is waaaay too long for me and I dont like hemming anything. I’m not even that short, 5″5, but I dont want to wear giant wedges in the summer just to fit into my maxi >.< Dress shopping is so stressful.

    • I’m 5’7″ and wear heels/wedges all summer long so I’m not worried about the length luckily. What I am worried about is looking Amish!! Haha. I actually got one today (but my mom’s giving it to me for my bday so I don’t really have it yet). It’s a black knit one from ON. I thought a basic black one was a good place to start. We’ll see. Haha. Also- I got a skinny nude belt for whichever dress(es) I keep. I think that may help break up the print. 🙂

  2. I heart summer dresses! I just bought a bunch and I cant wait for the weather to get nicer so I can rock em 🙂 Those dresses are really cute, but I agree about Old Navy, theyre hit or miss.

    • Yayyy! Me too. They’re so cute and effortless and comfy, too. I pretty much wear dressed all summer long. I can’t wait for summer so I can get all tan and go swimming and… (the list goes on) Keep your fingers crossed for me about the dresses I ordered, I def don’t need a muu muu. O.o 🙂

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