China Glaze Goes Duochrome!!! New ChG Release Sneak Peek!

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Today I have a quick sneak peek of a polish collection that I am REALLY looking forward to! I can hardly wait. I will be stalking my Sally’s like usual, asking the poor ladies there to dig through the back room for me while in a cold sweat hoping and praying that some other nail polish fiend didn’t somehow snatch all these up before I got there. Oh… you don’t do that? Your loss. ;p

China Glaze New Bohemian:

China Glaze New Bohemian Display

From Left to Right: Unpredictable, Rare and Radiant, Swanky Silk, No Plain Jane, Want My Bawdy, Deviantly Daring

I’m so glad that China Glaze has jumped on the duochrome bandwagon. I wanted Models Own’s Beetlejuice collection SO BAD based on one set of swatches I saw, and then the more swatches I saw of those colors the more disappointed I became. It seems as if the first blogger had some magic camera setting to really show the duochromey goodness and the rest just looked…. blah. I am crossing my fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyes hoping these are as great as they could be… and boy do I have a headache! Har har.. bad joke. Anyway, are you all excited about these??? Does anyone magically have them already? I wish I did!!! 🙂 Also, I’m sad to say I do NOT know when these polishes will be out. Some people are speculating next fall. THAT IS TOO LONG!!!! I’m hoping they’re wrong although these are fallish colors. If you know, let me know 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this little preview!! Till next time, Happy Polishing!!!


4 thoughts on “China Glaze Goes Duochrome!!! New ChG Release Sneak Peek!

  1. Well, I got the Models Own and I can tell you it was a huge waste of money. I hope CG catches the duochrome effect better than MO did!

    • I’m so glad you told me that!!! I still sometimes think “Hmmm… maybe I should still get them.” So the more info the better! Did you try layering them over black or anything? I don’t know how this one person got them to look SO incredible duochrome-tastic?!?!? How frustrating. Sorry you wasted your money but seriously, I appreciate you taking the time to share your comment!!

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