2 Easy Steps To Perfect Chevrons

Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to give you a quick tutorial on how I do my chevrons. There was a time when I would tape them off and then paint them, but as soon as I realized how easy it was to free hand them (even for me, the person with the least-steady hand known to man!!) I have never taped them off since. Here’s how I do mine-

2 Easy Steps to Perfect Chevrons:

You, of course, start with a painted nail. Here is my thumb, painted with Ulta Envy πŸ™‚

Step One: Use your nail polish brush to drag polish from midway down the left side of your nail to just past the center line of your free edge.

Step Two: Use your polish brush to drag polish from midway down the right side of your nail to just past the center line of your free edge. Add some top coat and you’re good to go!

Where the two lines overlap, it will make a perfect corner and the resistance of your polish brush against your nail will help you make a perfectly effortless straight line. This is quite possibly the easiest nail art ever. Probably for that reason it is my favorite thing to do. Don’t love a polish color? Put a chevron on it. Got edge wear and don’t wanna redo your nails? Put a chevron on it. Want your nails to match your outfit but don’t wanna redo your whole nails? Put a matching chevron on it. What I’m trying to say is that basically a chevron is the answer to everything. πŸ™‚ They take your nails from fine to fabulous in 10 minutes flat πŸ˜‰ I hope this quick tutorial helps you to make chevrons YOUR new nail obsession.

Stay tuned- later today I’m posting my St. Patrick’s Day nails featuring… guess what?! Chevrons! Thanks for stopping by, and Happy CHEVRON Polishing!!!


6 thoughts on “2 Easy Steps To Perfect Chevrons

  1. Woohoo! A chevron tutorial as I requested! I pretty much did my chevrons the same way, except I didnt realize that in order to do it, you had to be OK with nail polish getting on your fingers. I HATE cleaning up nail polish from my cuticles and fingers bc I wind up messing up the nail polish, so when I do chevrons I try not to touch the skin around my nails, which just makes the chevrons come out weird looking. I need to embrace nail polish on my fingers and learn how to do a good clean up!

    • If you don’t want polish on your fingers try putting a little cuticle oil around your nails for easier cleanup. What do you use to clean up around your cuticles?

  2. Nada. I use my nail lol. I tried using a brush w acetone but it never works out for me so I just try REALLY hard not to get nail polish on my cuticles. I think I need to get a better clean up brush. I was thinking of getting a corrective pen. The oil is a good idea!

    • I use an angled eyeliner brush which works fantastically. I’m not a fan of the corrective pens cuz they aren’t saturated enough for me. But whatever you try, hopefully it works for you! I sometimes use a q-tip, too. Depends on what I feel like. Usually that eyeliner brush tho. I felt so much better immediately following surgery. I’m pretty sore now but still not even close to the pain I was in before surgery.

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