Gold to Copper Gradient Shimmer Nails

Good Morning!

First off I want to say a big THANK YOU to all my reader friends who read my blog every day and comment. I appreciate the comments SO MUCH! It’s really the only way I know (except for those of you I chat with on Twitter all the time, which I also love) if you guys are enjoying my blog. I really just write my blog to share things I like with you all and to have a bit of an ongoing conversation about various nail things. 🙂 So sincerely, thank you all so much. It absolutely makes my morning (sometimes afternoon! ha) when I wake up and have comments to respond to! I love it!

Today I have some classy yet shimmery nails that I think you’re going to like… I sure liked them. Let’s cut the suspense (you’re feeling it, right???) and see the nails-

Gold to Copper Gradient Shimmer Nails:

Please ignore my horrendous nail stains that you can see a shadow of beneath my polish. 😦 I used the foil method when I had only a little glitter on and I think the foil like INFUSED the regular polish into my nails. They'll just have to grow out. I should have used another coat of base color 😥

Thank goodness without flash you can't see my stains very bad. Aren't these nails pretty?!?!

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Apply your favorite base coat. I used SH Hard As Nails this time.
  2. Apply a coat or two of your favorite nude polish, I used Femme Couture French Cafe.
  3. Use a makeup wedge sponge (I got mine at the dollar store) and paint two stripes of polish on it, like this
  4. The dark color is ChG Harvest Moon, and the light color is ChG Fast Track, both from the Hunger Games collection.
  5. Use the sponge in the same way you would your stamper and roll it across each nail, then dab it a little making sure to get all the way to the edges of your nails. You will get lots of polish on your cuticles and around your nails. It’ll clean up.
  6. Apply more polish to the sponge as needed (I did about every 2 nails) and repeat step 5 for all your nails.
  7. When you’re done, use a slanted eyeliner brush and nail polish remover (or acetone, I just use remover) to clean up your cuticles and around your nails.
  8. Apply one coat of Seche Vite or other top coat and voila!!!! Purdy nails! 😉

I loved these!!! I liked how the two colors faded into one another, and I like how they’re kinda neutral yet sparkly 🙂 I love it. 😉 I have an early morning hair appointment (7:30) and as I sit here writing this the night before you’ll read it it’s already 2:10…. EEK! Good thing I can take a quick nap before work tomorrow! Anyway, the moral of the story is that I’m keeping this short and sweet. 🙂 See ya!

How did you like these nails? Have you tried gradient nails yet? Also- have you ever had the problem I did with using the foil method and it REALLY making your nails get stained?! My stains are crazy! They are lighter now but they were like the deepest bruise color, all from my ChG periwinkle polish! Crazy. As always, thanks for reading and Happy Polishing!!!

16 thoughts on “Gold to Copper Gradient Shimmer Nails

    • Thank you! Yeah the sponge makes it so easy and once you apply your topcoat it doesn’t even look sponged. You never have to try to mix wet polish on your nail again! (Thank God!!!) 🙂

  1. Awwww, your welcome!! And your nails look great! Ive been saying imma try the gradient look forever and have yet to get around to it, Im so lazy lol. BTW- I switched to Sally Hansen Insta-Dri from Seche due to the toluene in it (still makes me so sad 😦 ), and I love it! Ill admit that Seche leaves a tiny bit more shine and seems to be a little thicker, but I love the Insta-Dri. No chipping and drys super fast. Just an FYI!

    • Thanks!! I know, gradient nails can be, well, a b**** to do but this way is pretty easy. Probably as easy as it gets as far as gradient goes. Thanks for telling me about the insta-dri! I’m going to try it because a) toluene is bad and b) lots of people are smart and don’t use it so I bet people would like to know of a good alternative. Practically EVERY nail blogger is like “use seche” and it’d be much smarter to have a/some healthy alternative(s). Guess who’s going to rite aid after work! Haha.

      • Yes, i sponged the colors individually…I didn’t think of doing the lines on the sponge the way you did. I used like 4 different purples and it just looked so muddled. I was pretty disappointed. What was that line from Clueless? “A full-on Monet. From far away, it’s OK, but up close, it’s a big old mess.” hahaha I love that movie.

        • hahaha oh gosh I LOVE that movie!! That’s too bad it was a monet, but oh well… next time it’ll look better (if you try it again). It can’t be worse than my wet polish gradient/ombre nails. You could tell those suckers were hideous from a mile away!!

  2. Gradients… I have tried. They never seem to look as cool as I imagine them. Honestly, I think I need a different sponge. I have been using a makeup sponge. The two times I have tried a gradient, was once on my nails (ugh) and then as a pedicure. I used a makeup sponge on the first (double ugh) and then I just used the brush from the polish I was using (not too shabby). I will keep practicing and I think your idea of putting both colors on the sponge will be something to try. for sure. Cute!

    • Gradients are hard!! Good for you just being able to do it with the polish brush. Last time I tried that it was a disastermess!!! I swore off gradients/ombré nails after that…. Until I saw this method. MUCH easier! 🙂 Thanks for swinging by and commenting 😀

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    • Thank you! I was pretty pleased with how it turned out although next time I’ll start with an opaque base color. :-/ Oh well, live and learn, right? 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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