Hunger Games Collection- Fast Track and Dress Me Up

Good Morning!!

Today I have polishes for you representing District 6 (transportation) and District 8 (Textiles). D6’s polish is Fast Track, and D8’s is Dress Me Up, which in the verrry beginning when we were learning about the Hunger Games polishes was going to be called Primrose (after Prim, of course!). I don’t know what happened but for some reason after the original names of the colors came out, there was some controversy (I think having to do with copyright infringement) and the polishes were maybe not going to come out at all. Then luckily for us all, they decided to release the polishes but under different names. That’s why we have “Colours From The Capital” with each polish being named after something each district provides instead of a plain “The Hunger Games” collection with colors named after parts of the book series (I believe Electrify was going to be called “Catching Fire” based on Katniss’ dress). Anyway, enough about that.. let’s look at the first two polishes:

Fast Track:


Fast Track is a beige/nude polish with lots of gold shimmer. Depending upon the light it can look mostly beige or mostly sparkly gold. This color reminds me of Britney Spears’ infamous nude-colored with rhinestones bodysuit she wore on the VMAs back in the day. Back then Britney was just the hottest thing… I’m glad she’s been getting things back together for herself.

Formula and Application:

The formula was a little sheer and what you see here is 3 medium coats. As you can see, it built up well and provided full coverage with no problem. Although the formula was a little sheer, it wasn’t thin which is a big pet peeve of mine with nail polish.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Yes, Please! I love the nude quality with the sparkle and I can see myself wearing this all year long.


The second polish I have to show you is a pretty shade originally named after the would-be female tribute from District 12, and Katniss’ sister. Since the name change this polish is known as..

Dress Me Up:


Dress Me Up is a dusty mauve creme. It’s rosy and understated and would flatter almost anyone’s skin tone. Those of you who liked OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes will probably like this as well. It doesn’t have the shimmer that GGTS has but it’s the same shade and looks REALLY pretty. I will definitely be wearing this again. 🙂

Formula/ Application:

Dream formula. The more I try China Glaze the more I wonder why OPI has been my go-to brand for so long. You really cannot beat ChG’s creme formula. They are so often one-coaters, dry super shiny and durable and always go on smooth as butter. Plus, you can find them for HALF the price of OPI… can you say “double the polish”??? I have absolutely NO complaints. Love. It.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

If you have Gouda Gouda Two Shoes do you need this polish? Maybe not, because they’re both mauves and GGTS has some sparkle to it, but if you love mauves or if you love the Hunger Games, YOU NEED THIS! 🙂 It’s a Yes, Please! for me because I don’t own GGTS and I really just love the Hunger Games so much that I feel like I’m obligated to buy the polishes. Me and the author of “Of Life and Lacquer” were saying how we are like marketing directors’ dreams because anything linked to movies/etc we like, we snatch up. She was saying something about the Spiderman OPI collection and how she’ll buy it no matter what, and I told her I practically bought the Nicki Minaj collection sight-unseen. We just can’t help ourselves. Speaking of “Of Life and Lacquer,” she already has swatches up of allll the Hunger Games polishes, so if you don’t want to wait for me to show you them several at a time, check her breakdown out here.

How do you like these polishes? Have you bought any of the collection? Are YOU a marketer’s dream like me? 🙂 Till next time, Happy Polishing!! 😀

7 thoughts on “Hunger Games Collection- Fast Track and Dress Me Up

  1. I’m fiending for this collection! I cant wait to get my hands of few of these bad boys.
    Loving the colors, love mauve. The sparkly nude looks reminds me of Baker and Mazo from Cult Nails so I wont be picking that one up, although its beautiful color. The colors I’m lusting after are Stone Cold, Mahogany Magic, Harvest Moon (just because I have no other color like it), Luxe and Lush, and ofcoarse Dress me up 🙂 Ah! I hope I find them all at Sallys!

    • I hope you find them too! You’re right that FF is a lot like those Cult polishes so since you got your lucky hands on that collection you’re good. 🙂 I didn’t get stone cold but now I’m kinda wishing I had. Hopefully I’ll find it next time I go to Sally’s. I love all the colors you mentioned, especially Harvest Moon, cuz I don’t have any color like it either.

    • Oh I know!! I can’t wait till they come out and we start seeing swatches! I hope the colors are as awesome as I’m anticipating!!! 😀 There’s also a ballet collection coming out but it’s pretty snoozeworthy in my opinion.. so far. 😉

    • No problemo! You did you swatches all together, so I thought people might wanna see em. 🙂 I am too wordy so I gotta break mine down into semi-bite-size pieces 🙂 And thanks, I’m not gonna lie I already think I’m gonna wear this color to my friend’s wedding next fall, and I see myself wearing this when I feel like semi-nude nails. It’s understated and great.

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