You have exactly ONE guess…

Hello nail polish friends!!!
I’m so excited to show you what I JUST picked up at Sally’s. You have one guess what this is:


Keep an eye out here for more on these lovely polishes!! 😀

8 thoughts on “You have exactly ONE guess…

    • Yep it’s the Hunger Games!!! 😀 Idk if they were supposed to sell them to me today or not but I got em! 🙂 They will be out at Sally’s tomorrow, but you said you don’t have one by you, didn’t you? 😦 I can’t believe that. There are like 4 by my house. Boooo. They’re cheaper there then at Ulta.

    • Yeah good thing my jealous rage was short-lived, huh? Haha. I got all but Hook and Line (too streaky from what I’ve seen although it IS an interesting almost oily looking grey, and Stone Cold. I just didn’t think it was necessary although it is a nice graphite type color. With all these “although”s my Sally friends might see me sooner than later!! Haha. I wasn’t going to get Mahogany Magic (isn’t that the name? I don’t have it right in front of me) but I’m glad I did. It’s such a pretty “dipped my fingers in melted milk chocolate” kind of color. Much less yellow-toned than I anticipated actually.
      I think I might wear Electrify first since I’m gonna swatch it last (glitter’s a b**** to clean up from around my cuticles). Did you swatch yours and which are you gonna actually wear first?

    • Yes, do!!! They are so pretty!! Plus if you have your sally’s card and the 15% off coupon for March they’re like 4 bucks. And I LOVE the Hunger Games so that was like all the more reason to get em. 🙂 Some swatches should be up tomorrow…. most likely. 😉

  1. I swatched all of them already and I’m really digging half of the collection which isn’t bad. I am going to swatch my Sally Hansen polishes today so an actual Hunger Games mani will have to wait. 🙂

    Stone Cold is awesome. I kinda really like matte polishes and it had the smoothest application of any matte I have ever used.

    • Which ones were your favorites? And boo on waiting!! Haha. (I’m excited to see the swatches of those tho) I thought stone cold looked very cool but I always prefer to mattify polishes using my Essie Matte About You so I didn’t think I needed it. Now I’m re-thinking it. :-/

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