Sunset Strip Nails

Hey Everyone,

Today I have some slightly time-consuming, easy, and awesome nails to show you. I don’t have a good name for these so if you suggest something that I like in the comments, I’ll change it to your name and give you a little shout out for coming up with such a stunning name. What a prize, huh? Haha. Anyway, let’s just have a look at these:

Black With Tie-Dye Stripe Nails:

I saw another picture on Pinterest which inspired me to do these nails. I was happily able to find the actual website that the photo that I saw came from and it is  The author has some awesome nail art, but I think it’s in French, so I can’t read it. 😦 The good thing is- I mostly care about pictures! Haha. Anyway, that’s where I got my inspiration. 🙂 I loved the combination of bright colors and black, and how the colors fade into one another, and just the overall look. It’s a little different and really awesome. The good thing is that anyone can do these nails, they take a little time, but not really any skill (yayyy!) and definitely not a steady hand, which I do not have.

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Start with base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with one coat of metallic silver polish. I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City. It’s my favorite silver polish.
  3. Cut up a makeup sponge into 2 tiny pieces, and put a couple drops of yellow nail polish (I used Ulta Sun-Sational) onto a piece of foil.
  4. Use one of the sponge pieces to sponge an imperfect strip of yellow down the center of each nail. Leave it a little spongey looking but try not to let too much of the silver show through. The silver is mostly there to keep the colors bright without allowing any nail to show through.
  5. Put a drop or two of pink polish (I used OPI Koala Bear-y) onto the foil and use the other piece of makeup sponge to sponge a line down one side of the yellow stripe on each nail. Let the pink overlap the yellow a little, and keep it a little spongey like you did with the yellow.
  6. Put a drop or two of orange polish (I used OPI A Roll In The Hague) on the foil and use the yellow polish sponge (it should be mostly dry by now so you can just reuse that sponge) to sponge the orange on the side opposite of the pink.
  7. Apply a coat of SecheVite and allow to dry thoroughly. You don’t want the tape you’re going to apply to tear up the polish you just sponged on.
  8. Once your sponged nails are dry, cut thin strips of tape, or cut straight french manicure guides in half. You’ll need 20, so you might as well cut them all now.
  9. Apply two thin strips to each nail in any design desired. I liked them diagonal and if I did these nails again I would do them all diagonal, fyi.
  10. Once your nails are taped off, paint over the tape strips on two nails with an opaque-in-one-coat black polish like FP Black Expressionism. I hated that polish the first time I used it but now it’s one of my most used polishes. I need to re-write that review.
  11. Immediately remove the tape from those two nails.
  12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 for all nails.
  13. Allow the black to dry to the touch, then apply a final coat of Seche Vite. Your nails will look much shinier than mine because I took my pictures a couple of days after I did these nails, and I had taught a clay art class so my nails got pretty scuffed up. 😦
  14. Sit back and enjoy your nails. Take a picture on Instagram, tweet it to me, show your friends, call your mom and tell her how awesome they are, make your husband/bf admire your nails… you know… the regular routine. I know I can’t be the only one!! 😉

I just LOVE how these nails look! It’s my favorite combination of nail colors: brights and darks! 🙂 Let me know what you think and your name suggestion in the comments below! I wasn’t kidding!!! I need help!  As always, thanks for reading and Happy Polishing!!

PS: Happy President’s Day to my US readers!

12 thoughts on “Sunset Strip Nails

  1. These nails def sound time consuming but the end result is great! I agree that the diagonal stripes look better. This reminds me of how one would do ombre/gradient nails, with the whole sponging thing…I think Imma try that on my sisters nail tonight! Anyhoo, as far as a name….I suck at things like that lol. The stripes on these nails remind me of the reflector stripes on vests that a messenger or someone riding a bicycle would wear at night, but reflector nails sounds terrible, so im out on the name game!

    • Safety vest reflector strip nails… Hmm… doesn’t have quite the right ring to it does it? Haha. It does kinda look like that tho!

      Yeah when I was doing these nails I was like “so THIS is how you do gradient nails!!! Forget all that swirling together wet polish mess!!” I’m going to be doing some cool gradient nails (well, I HOPE they’ll be cool) soon. I’m jealous you have your sister’s nails (I’m assuming you meant “nails,” one nail might be odd) to paint… think of all the pics I could post if I had two sets of hands! 😉 I bet her nails will turn out great- lucky sister!

  2. I love this look! It’s like a Honolulu sunset. lol I am definitely going to try this out. I’m glad you linked the original website because I looooove her nail looks and I might as well put my 6 years of French classes to work. 😀

    • Thanks!! I always try to link to the original nail art if I get an idea from somewhere because it’s fun to see other people’s art, and it’s only fair because I got my idea from them. I never thought about it looking like a sunset until you guys have suggested that, but you’re exactly right!! And about your French studies- what a fun way to practice! 🙂

      • You should really learn to spell your name. Just kidding!!! Gotta love auto incorrect! 😉 Something else that always happens to me is that my cursor jumps and I end up writing whatever I was writing inside another word. Now THAT is hard to read! Haha.

    • Thanks! I thought it looked awesome when I saw the first picture of it. It’s kind of like that art project you do as a kid… Where you color a sheet of paper with bright colors, then cover it with black crayon and then scratch the black off where you want the color to come through. That’s what it reminded me of. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Thanks! It’s pretty awesome and not difficult at all… just a little time consuming with the different steps. 🙂 I’ll look you up if you don’t find me first. I’m @polishmeplease on Twitter. Thanks for reading and commenting!!

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