My Revolving Nail Polish Tower Of Happiness

Good Morning Polished People! 🙂

I’ve posted some pictures on Twitter, so if you follow me there (@polishmeplease) you may have seen these already but I want to share them with everyone. I got a new polish organizer this past weekend. It was $20 at the hardware store and it caused me a LOT of grief putting it together, but it was totally worth it. Now, I’m a pretty handy girl for the most part. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty or *gasp!* break a nail. I (with the help of my husband and brother) refinished the hardwood floors in my house, completely revamped the house, including removing an entire wall, I helped install crown moulding, I’m capable of fixing many things on my own, etc. That being said- dannnnggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this nail polish tower (or “12” revolving bin” as the hardware store called it, how boring!) had SEVENTY FIVE bolts, flat washers and nuts that had to be screwed together and tightened with a ratcheting wrench in order for it to realize its true potential (aka: get built).  It came in a 5″ flat box and you had to build it yourself. It came out of the box in many, many pieces of flat and curved metal and 3 hours later (no joke, THREE hours) this is what I had:

I was going to keep it on my craft table, but then realized once I loaded it up it'd be too heavy to move. So I had to find it a new, more permanent, home.

Here it is in its new home. It sits on top of my drawer unit full of craft paper and miscellaneous craft supplies, right next to my makeup desk.

Please tell me you can see some of the bolts, nuts and flat washers I had to fit on, hand tighten and then tighten with a wrench. It was the most annoying task ever!! Almost as bad as ripping out carpet tacks and staples to prep my hardwood floors for refinishing. Almost.

Ahhhhhh!!!! (angels singing) Behold the nail polish wonderousness!

I almost forgot to tell you! Up above, when I said “In 3 hours this is what I had:” I was sort of lying. Because after 3 hours of assembling this beast, I seriously put on THE FINAL piece that holds it all together and guess what? IT WAS BROKEN! I wanted to scream, cry and kill someone everyone!!! My joy turned to horror in 4 seconds flat. It was like 2am, so I couldn’t go back to the store, so I had to leave my lovely polish tower unassembled until morning  noon when I went back to the store and got a replacement part. Luckily, the guy there was really nice (although  a little confused when I said I needed a new part for my nail polish holder) and gave me a new one. I came home, put that new piece in and admired my work 😀

I absolutely LOVE this new nail polish organizer. How do you store your polishes? Wanna place a bet on how many days it’ll be till this one is full? Haha. As always, thank you very much for reading, and I look forward to reading and replying to your comments below 🙂 Happy polishing!


6 thoughts on “My Revolving Nail Polish Tower Of Happiness

  1. So funny that you posted this today bc I just ordered 2 nail polish racks yesterday on Amazon; our brains were on the same wavelength! I am wayyy too excited about these racks, only a true nail polish lover would understand how something so simple as a tower or rack can bring us so much joy! I will be posting pics of my racks when I get them so you can see what they look like.
    I absolutely love the idea of a revolving tower. I almost got something like that but all the ones I saw were too small. Also, I DO NOT have the patience to put things together. I despise doing handy work and I give you props for being able to put that thing together (you go girl!). I leave all that stuff to my husband, which sucks bc you know how men can be (procrastinators!). Sometimes I need something put together right away but it takes him weeks to get to it, so annyoing! Anyhoo, LOVE the tower. I’m big on organizing so posts like this make me happy :-).

    • We are definitely on the same wavelength. I can’t wait to see your polish racks! I also love organization, like it just makes me so happy for everything to have a definite place where it belongs and even labels saying that’s where it belongs. Haha. I’m kinda a dork that way.
      I was kinda impressed with myself putting that beast together too! I had assumed it’d at least have the dividers already attached but “nope!” I had to do it all. My husband was like “I’ll do it…” but a) I wanted it done like right that second and I thought once he saw a baggy full of hardware he might change his mind, and b) I started doing it so then I just wanted the satisfaction of doing it all by myself. 🙂 Guess I got what I wanted till that last stupid piece didn’t fit. Grr!!! I love it though, it holds like 150+ polishes and I have a leeeeetle room left so I should probably be good till my bday in a couple months. Then idk what I’ll do!! How many polishes do your racks hold? Hopefully plenty! Until we fill em up- yay for np organization!! 😀

  2. I was just going to ask how many bottles it holds. I would need 2 at this point but I can see myself needing 3 in a couple of months. lol I give you props for putting it together because I would have given up. I have no patience for stuff like that even though I am obsessed with organization.

    • Yeah I am imagining having one on every flat surface before too long! Haha. Actually, I think I’ll just use it for my favorite polishes (I should be able to narrow that down to 150 don’t you think?! ;)) and then keep the rest in boxes. My shoe, clothing and nail polish collections don’t seem to realize they need to buy themselves a bigger house! How rude!!
      And thank you! It was quite easy to put together, just time consuming. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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  4. Omg freaking adore this tower!!!!!!! I’m on the hunt for a gel polish show case for my GelMoment bottles!!!! I never saw your blog before! It’s the tower haha I’m going to come back and read !! I gotta find that display tower for my vendor event! I was also thinking to try and make wooden one with husbands help!

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