Springtime in a Bottle! CG Electropop Gaga For Green Review

Good morning my nail polish friends!

The last few days here have been surprisingly warm! It seems like it was just Christmas and threats of snow/ice and now it’s sunny and beautiful outside! The only thing that could really use some improvement is the wind! Dang, it’s just a good and a wicked witch from being Kansas over here! Forget doing your hair- mine was blown all OVER the place just walking into work this afternoon. Despite the wind, I’m super happy about the sun and I’ll trade wind for rain any day!!

Speaking of spring, today I wanna show you the polish that makes me think of crocuses starting to peek through the dirt, sunny days that require sunglasses, the first day when it’s appropriate to wear flip flops again (I know, some of you wear them year round… my toes say BRRR to you!) and my favorite part of spring- SPRING BREAK!!! Oh- and my birthday! 🙂 The polish I’d like to share with you today is

Gaga For Green:


Gaga For Green is a nice sunny grass-green creme, possibly a creme/jelly hybrid. It’s bright and wonderful. Like I’ve said it just screams SPRINGTIME! I love this color.


I said it might be a creme/jelly hybrid because it’s a lot less opaque compared to CG’s other cremes, but doesn’t quite have that squishy appearance like a jelly. Although it’s thin, it builds quickly and become opaque with no problem. What you’re seeing on my nails is 3 healthy coats. It dries nice and shiny and is really durable. I’ve worn this color for a couple of days now (even after making all those Save the Dates this weekend, working today, making dinner, doing dishes, taking a shower and washing my hair a couple of times, etc) and it looks nearly perfect except for a little tipwear and a spot where I sorta nicked the polish with my chef’s knife (those Furi knives are shaaaarp!).

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

This is definitely a Yes, Please! for me. I love this color that isn’t too dark or Christmas-y and it’s also not a neon but is still super bright. I don’t have any green like it and it suits my love of colorful polishes just perfectly. 🙂

What reminds you of spring? Are you ready for spring and summer or are you more of a winter person (do they even exist? haha)?



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