Electropop is Here!! Sunshine Pop Review

GooOOOood Morning Polish People!

I was so excited for Electropop to come out! Bloggers who get promo bottles were posting their pics, I was drooling over them and I was counting down the days. I LOVE bright colors and I knew this collection was going to be right up my alley. I knew I couldn’t afford the entire collection, and I was mostly excited about the brights, so come February 1st I was at Sally’s after work to check em out. I was only going to (maybe) get Aquadelic, Gaga for Green and Sunshine Pop… but I walked out of there with 2 more, although one of them is not an Electropop color. The best part was with my Sally’s card and my 15% off coupon I got each of these polishes for just over 3 dollars apiece! It was a nail polish miracle, especially considering many sites are advertising them for $7!! I was sooo happy and could hardly wait to try them out!

Sunshine Pop:


Ooohhhh Sunshine Pop is a bright daffodil yellow polish. It’s the slightest bit shimmery and just about perfect!!! I love this one so much! It screams spring and summer.


As usual for China Glaze the formula is spot on. Practically opaque in one coat, smooth, and the perfect consistency. I have nothing less than wonderful to say about this polish. My nails in the pictures have 2 coats.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

It’s not exactly a “Yes, Please!” it’s more like a “GIVE IT TO ME OR I WILL PUSH YOU OVER, TAKE IT AND RUN AWAY!!!” Haha. Seriously, this is the yellow you’ve been looking for. At least it definitely is for me! I’ll be wearing this all the time. I like it because it’s just a perfect yellow. Not pastel, not neon, just a pure smooth yellow. I love it. 😀

Have you found any of the Electropop polishes?! Let me know if you’re as hyped about them as I am! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Electropop is Here!! Sunshine Pop Review

  1. Another great color! Perfect for spring and summer. Btw, where did u get the coupon for Sally’s? I think a trip is due 🙂

    • If you’re like me, a trip is ALWAYS due! Haha. Idk if you belong to the Sally’s club thingy ($5 a year, x percentage off everything, etc) but I do and if you spend like $25 in a month you get an additional 15% off for the next month. So basically I’m getting the club discount plus an extra 15% for life! Plus, right now the Electropop collection is a dollar off each which makes it like $5 to start with so it was awesome! Seriously came down to $3.22 each. I would have got more except that a) there are a lot of pinks, b) I have some that are really similar to these colors because although they’re awesome they’re not exactly ground breaking, and c) I’ll be re-visiting Sally’s so I might as well wait. 🙂 I’m gonna have to tell them I’m a nail blogger cuz I’m always stalking the new collections and calling them about stuff they don’t even know they have yet.

    • I KNEW you were gonna love this! I wasn’t sure if you’d wanna wear it though, your tastes aren’t always quite as “adventurous” (aka: unafraid of being tacky! Haha) as mine. 😉 I love it, too. I really just think it’s like “the perfect yellow” so nice and bright yet not neon… I love it. There’s an awesome green in the collection too, that I’m actually wearing today. 🙂

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