ELF Nail Polish- Nail Fail

Just  quick post to share something with you. Remember when someone told you if it sounds too good to be true it probably is? Well I should have thought about that before buying my latest nail polish set. I was at Ross checking to see if they had any cute earrings (specifically Lucky Brand, my favorite) and they didn’t. I wanted to get SOMETHING since I was in there so I wandered to the nail polish section and saw three pretty neon polishes in a set. They were ELF brand and were only $1.99. I have been wanting some neons, especially a neon yellow and decided to get it. Well, thank goodness it was only 2 bucks cuz it was worthless!! Gosh… it applied chunkily and disgustingly and then as it dried it sort of did the crackle effect in a few spots, but not enough for it to really be a crackle/shatter polish. It didn’t say a word about them being a crackle topcoat, either. I truly believe this was just supposed to be a regular nail polish! Here is what “Neon Yellow” looked like:

Don’t worry about the crappy coloring, just look at the finish. :[

See how gross it is? And that’s after like 4 coats. I was a little worried this polish, being so cheap, would take many coats to be opaque. I was okay with that. What I’m not okay with is this disgusting finish! Ew. I will seriously reconsider before I buy another dirt cheap polish at Ross. 😦

Have you ever found a horrible cheap (or expensive?!) nail polish? I have found lots of awesome cheap polishes but this is my first awful one! Share you experiences using the comment form below 🙂


4 thoughts on “ELF Nail Polish- Nail Fail

  1. Omg that’s terrible!!!!!!!!! I actually saw those polishes at Ross last week and wondered if it was worth a shot. I decided against it, and I am glad I did. Have you ever found those Color Club sets at Ross for $7.99? Now those are a fantastic deal.

    • Yeah- Good decision on the ELF polishes for sure!! It’s funny cuz there are ELF cosmetics that people seem to like but those polishes… barf. :[ And yes! I’m pretty sure I’m thinking of the Color Club ones- don’t they have like 6 polishes or something?! My mom got me two packs (cremes/shimmers and glitters) for Christmas! I think they’re pretty good! Excellent for the price.

    • I was definitely impressed with them. And they have nice, current colors! My mom bought mine at Fred Meyer (idk if you have that store) for like $6.99 and I’ve seen them at Dollar Tree, but sold singly. They’re a little elusive, so I hope you find more! 🙂

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