Finger Paints Special Effects- Asylum (Review)

Good morning!

I have to come clean… when all these flakies were coming out (Finger Paints, Essie, Zoya, a few others here and there) I was thinking I was already over them. I love my Clairvoyant, and I thought I’d grab a couple of the Finger Paints flakies but honestly they all looked pretty similar. Well, I take it allllll back. I ended up buying all the FP flakies and I love them all. They really are different. Even after I had already bought Motley, Flecked, Flashy and Twisted I thought I didn’t need Asylum and… I was wrong again!!! I bought it on one of my major Sally Beauty hauls with my coupon in January and I just finally got around to trying it. It’s AMAZING!!! I thought Flashy was my favorite… but this might be the new fave.Let’s have a look!


See all the different colors of flakes? See anything unique??

Blue!! There are some serious royal blue flakes in here! πŸ˜€

I love the blue flakes in this one. This is the only flaky polish with BLUE flakes... not a little blue flash but some pretty hard-core blue flakes. I love it.

Combine those blue flakes with the awesome color shifting orange flakes that flash red, yellow, gold even a little greenish and it's flaky polish heaven.


Asylum is a multicolored (color shifting orange and blue) flake glitter polish in a milky/clear base. The flakes are densely packed, and what you see above is two coats over FP Black Expressionism.


I love the formula on this flakies. It’s thick enough to build up, but not problematic at all. Also, it dries really quickly and the milky base doesn’t change the color of your base polish at all. You can layer FP Asylum over anything.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Do I really need to say??? It’s a heck yes, please!!! I love this polish, I love it over black, I think it’d look great over navy blue and I really love how it looks with a navy blue chevron at the tip. Would you like to see those pics? I knew you’d say yes! πŸ˜‰ Here they come…

Asylum with Cult Nails Time Traveler Chevron:

Without the flash, that orange flake flashes us with all its pretty colors πŸ™‚

In real life the chevrons were a little more subtle, which I really liked. I LOVED these nails!Β  They’re dark and vampy yet interesting with the flakes and the blue tip. The blue tip brings out some of the blue flakes and the whole design just goes together and complements the various polishes. After all my talk about being “over” flakies…. I think I’ll be wearing them a lot in many different color combinations.

Do you have lots of flakies in your collection these days? Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for reading and Happy Polishing!! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Finger Paints Special Effects- Asylum (Review)

  1. I have yet to try the bottle of Flashy I ordered and I need to get on that! Instead of layering it over black tho, I think imma give blue a whirl. Lets see how that turns out!
    (Btw, yes I stalk your page everyday, as you can tell by all the comments I leave, haha!)
    I’m anxiously awaiting my Julep box and my order from Cult Nails. I also scored some OPI’s on sale yesterday at TJMaxx, the Serena grand slam. I need to find a new way to store all these polishes! How do you store yours??

    • Ooh yay!!! I love page stalkers! And especially ones that comment! Haha. Seriously tho, I do love it, thank you!! Flakies look great over all colors of polish, even over light colors they look pretty subtle but cool. I prefer them over dark, personally, so I bet blue will look awesome. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for you to get your Cult polishes and your Julep box either… I wanna hear how they are. I know the Cult polishes will be fantastic but I’m curious about Julep. And that’s awesome you found those OPIs! Did you get Grape Set Match and Servin Up Sparkle or the set with the goldish color (the name’s escaping me right now)?
      Currently, I am the worst person ever to ask about storage. I had this nice little box that I made cardboard dividers for and had all my polish kinda organized by color and finish… well, my collection tends to grow rather rapidly and now I still have that box, but it has like 20 polishes (at least) just stacked on top of it. :-/ I need to clear out one of my rolling drawer units (they’re like Sterilite or something…?) and move my polishes to that. I like them being portable tho and I know I’m not gonna wanna roll that bad boy out into my living room every night! The saga continues… πŸ˜‰

      • LMAO! I feel your pain, I told my husband I want one of those nail racks they have in the nail salons. I’m a neat freak and I HATE having all of my nail polishes in different boxes, it irks me! Your going to laugh at me, but thats actually what I asked for, for Valentines Day…along with a set of nail polishes, haha!

        • I’m not laughing at all!!! If I can ever find one of those salon racks I’m getting one!! I don’t want mine in a bunch of drawers either, but I need somewhere to put them other than “the stack”. Haha. I asked for the Beetlejuice collection for Valentine’s Day, but considering my husband hasn’t asked any details how to order it I think I’m striking out! Oh well, my bday is coming up soon, too. πŸ™‚

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