Jazz Up Your Favorite Nude

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick post here to show you how to add a little somethin-somethin to your favorite nude polish. My favorites are OPI Samoan Sand and Finger Paints Putty In My Hands, which if you read my post from this morning, you already know 🙂

This is OPI Samoan Sand with FP Putty In My Hands used for a free-handed chevron. This looks nice and it's a good way to compare the two nudes side-by-side.

I loved these nails. I wore them for 3 WHOLE DAYS!! :p My mom didn't particularly love how the green brought out the goldiness of this polish, but in natural light (no flash) it had much less of the Midas touch 😉 Chevrons are my new favorite thing. They're so easy to free hand, and that really means something from ME- the girl who can't free-hand to save her life!

I hope you liked this quick post. I thought I should have it separate from my Battle Of The Nudes post because that was kinda a monster by itself! Till next time, Happy Polishing!!

2 thoughts on “Jazz Up Your Favorite Nude

    • Oh yes the chevrons are so easy!! Just drag your polish brush from about halfway down your nail on one side to the center of the tip, then repeat on the other side and voilà! chevrons! 🙂 Where you cross over the lines they’ll make a nice point and your topcoat smooths them out and makes them look perfect! I’m glad you like them 🙂 Let me know how it works out for you 😀

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