Another Funky French Tip- Reversed and Green on Green

Hey Everyone,

I was really on a roll with these craft scissor-cut funky french tips!! Haha. Here is another one I did:

This is  more of a reverse french tip, since the part near the cuticle is smaller than the part at the tip. I liked these nails because a) I’m really into the scalloped edges lately and b) I like green. 🙂 I would definitely wear these, although I didn’t because I was just playing when I did ’em. I’ve worn my current nails for 2 days now so maybe I’ll do these tonight. 😀

Polishes Used:

  • Ulta basecoat
  • Unnamed LA Colors green creme (lighter green near cuticle)
  • Ulta The Jungle Look (darker green near tip)
  • Seche Vite

Commenting is Caring!! ;D

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