Finger Paints Special Effects (Green Flaky Polish): Flecked

Hey There,

Today I have another Finger Paints flaky polish for you. It’s the seemingly all green one:


Flecked over Essie Dive Bar- with flash it looks super green 🙂

Flecked over Diva Bar. Without flash you can see some blues around the edge of this polish, giving it a super turquoise/teal-y feel

Flecked over FP Black Expressionism, with flash

Flecked over Black Expressionism, with flash again

Same combination as above, only no flash. See all the blue?

With no flash it looks like it does in regular household lighting... there's a lot of blue around the edges but it's a lot more subtle than Flashy

This was another polish that I thought I didn’t need from Finger Paints flaky collection. I am really glad I ended up getting it though. The thing that most impresses me about these polishes is that there are so many flakes in them!! I always use 2 coats, but in one thick coat there are plenty of flakes to be seen. For under 5 bucks, these are the best value flakies out there. Essie Shine of the Times is supposed to be a dense flake polish, but honestly, I don’t think I’d like my flakies any more dense than these Finger Paints ones. I like the ability to have more sparse flakes or apply two coats and have near-solid flakes across my nail. And I love, love, love my Clairvoyant flaky polish but I really appreciate that these are in a clear base. You can layer them over any polish for different looks, and you can make your polish go further because you aren’t layering these to opacity… although that’s an interesting idea… 😉 Anyway, I really like this polish and now I have 4 of the 5 flaky polishes from the FP collection. All I’m missing is Asylum and after seeing these last two on my nails, I may have to go get it 🙂 Darn. :p

How do you feel about flakies? Love em? Can live without them? I go back and forth, only because the market is bound to get over-saturated any time now. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “Finger Paints Special Effects (Green Flaky Polish): Flecked

  1. I’m sort of waiting for the market to get saturated bc I still cant find these flakies anywhere other than ebay. Not even Amazon! Amazon only has the Nubar and Essie Shine of the times. I want to get Asylum but I’m debating whether I should shell out the 10 bux on ebay lol. What other brands do flakies other than Finger Paints?

    • You are totally right- I think the market’s gonna get saturated and you’ll see a ton of flakies out later this year. (remember shatter polishes?!) Besides the two you mentioned Zoya might be the only other brand with flakies in stock. Their spring collection has lights and matching flaky topcoats. There’s also the famed Hidden Treasure from Sally Hansen but it’s like winning the lottery if you get your hands on the correct, old formula. Other than that I don’t think there are any just yet that would be in stores. There may be some Ludurana, Hits or Ozotic flakies but idk where to buy them except online and they’re a little expensive from what I remember. Asylum is the only one I don’t have… maybe I’ll end up having to buy it online too! Haha. Cult Nails has a great flaky polish but it’s out of stock, perhaps indefinitely. 😦 Let me know if you find any out and about!!

      • Youre referring to Clairvoyant right? I’m totally lusting for that damned polish, but its like 25 dollars on ebay and youre right, I think they stopped making it! I checked the Cult Nails website last week and they said it was out of stock….I checked it this week, and now the polish doesnt even show up! Whaaaaaaa lol Ah well, hopefully other brands come out with it bc I dont want to keep resorting to Ebay, it gets pricey!

  2. P.S. Did you know that Julep Maven has a nail polish club thingy?? U pay 20 bucks a month and they send you nail polishes and hand care products every month, like a beauty box program but for nail polish! I got the first month for 5 bucks with a coupon code (JAN5). I also signed up for the My GlamBag beauty box, but they send a variety of beauty products, not just nail polish. Totally random but I wasnt sure if you heard about it.

    • Yes, I was talking about Clairvoyant. I follow them on Twitter and Maria said that one of the ingredients is no longer available so they won’t be having it again until they find another supplier or they find something to replace it. That’s so sad cuz that polish is amazing! I got the whole collection on presale and I’m glad I did since it sold so quickly, plus I got it for like $10 off. Speaking of, her new collection is on presale right now (or coming right up) for a discount if you’re interested. If you’re on Twitter I’d definitely recommend following them… she’s so nice and her husband is hilarious. Anyway, thanks for the heads up about the Julep boxes… I knew they had a box thing but I thought it was makeup and stuff, I didn’t quite realize it was all nail polish and nail polish-related stuff. That sounds right up my alley!! Some other nail bloggers were talking about them so I wasn’t sure what they were all about.. but that’s a conversation for another time! haha. I’ll have to check it out!! Keep me posted on how you like it! 🙂

      • That sucks! I hope they find a replacement for the ingredient! To follow them I just look up Cult Nails right? I’m new to twitter, and I’m trying to follow some singers and movie stars, but I can never tell if the account is actually them or someone acting as them….o_O.

        • I know… That’s kinda hard sometimes. I’m following Li’l Wayne (among others, haha) right now and I’m not at all sure it’s “really” him. Sometimes there’s a check next to their name that shows it’s verified (how, idk) but otherwise you just have to follow em and see. Haha. Glad you got your Cult Nails preordered!! 😀

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    • Hey! Thanks so much. It’s flattering that you’d even ask me. What type of blog/website are you thinking of starting? My best 2 pieces of advice would be to just get started, and then make sure to network and interact. Make sure you respond to comments, talk w other people w your same type of site, that type of thing. As far as paid/free goes, paid sites allow you a lot more freedom, but free sites are super easy to use if you aren’t completely a computer whiz. The problem is when you want to switch from a free to a paid which can get messy depending on where you want to go. You can ask Cynthia from Of Life and Lacquer about that, she had a heck of a time. I am pretty happy w my free site but I will need to upgrade here sooner than later at which time it might get kinda crazy. If you have more questions or anything don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if you want. Also, if you ask on twitter we may be able to enlist the help of some of my blogger friends. 🙂 Thanks again for the compliment and good luck w your site! Let me know when it’s up! ;D

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