Finger Paints Special Effects- Flashy! Best Flaky Polish EVERRR!!!*

First off, Good Morning!

Now… Oh my gosh… I bought my first two Finger Paints Special Effects Flakies (Motley and Twisted) and thought they were the only two I needed. I thought Flashy was just plain orange and I thought Flecked was just green, and the other one I thought was just orange and purple… nothing too exciting. Well, I am here to tell you I was WRONG!! Flashy is probably my favorite flaky ever!! (*except for Clairvoyant, which by the way may be no more.. did you guys see that on Twitter?! :'()

Let’s just get to the pictures (please click on all of these to enlarge):

All pictures are 2 coats of FP Black Expressionism with 2 coats of Flashy over it, and Seche Vite tc.

This polish is am-AY-zing! It’s fire-y orange in bright direct light (aka: flash) and in low light or from an angle it’s all kinds of colors. The flakes straight on are orange/red and the flakes at an angle are yellow and green and gold. They’re so varying and awesome!! I thought I liked Twisted and Motley, but seriously after seeing this polish this is my favorite. I love all the different colors and it looks AWESOME matte. You don’t have to take my word for it though, that post is coming up this afternoon.

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6 thoughts on “Finger Paints Special Effects- Flashy! Best Flaky Polish EVERRR!!!*

  1. So funny that u posted this today bc I JUST tried Twisted for the first time last night and I LOVE it! I also bought Flashy, which btw I could not find these flakies ANYWHERE! I had to order them on Ebay for 10 bux a pop (the things we do for nail polish!). I have yet to try Flashy but now I cant wait!

    • Oh my gosh!! I can’t believe they’re that hard to come by. At my Sally’s they’re just sitting around getting dusty! I would totally have bought them on eBay tho, too. They sell for 5 but are worth 10 if you can’t find em in-store. I LOVE Twisted but just wait till you try Flashy!!! Omg you’re gonna love it! You definitely got the best two (in my opinion!) How’s your nail stamping kit working for you? (Didn’t you get one?) My friend got one and her plates are weird… I think she got a defective set. 😦

      • Honestly, I’m not impressed w the Sally’s stamping kit at all. The scraper sucks, and the stamper smudges. Ive tried several times to use it, I even you tubed it to make sure I was doing it correctly, and the designs still come out imperfect. I ordered the Konad stamper and scraper set cuz it got better reviews on Amazon. I also ordered some other image plates on Amazon cuz I’m not crazy about the Sally’s ones, and the whole finger designs are too small for me (which I expected). So all in all, it didn’t really work for me lol. Ah well, I used the coupon u posted so I basically got it for free, not too much of a loss. I’m hoping the Konad set works better for me!

        • That’s so weird!!! Mine works so well!! There must be 2 versions, like when it comes to quality. I seriously think my scraper is better than my Konad one and all the plates work fine for me (except the full-nail ones are too small). I’m sorry everyone isn’t having the same experience as I did, because the images are so cute. 😦 I would take it back if I were you- you can get like 2 China Glaze’s for the money!!

  2. OKay-I must say, I am experiencing true, TRUE frustration-I’ve been to my local Sally’s and can’t.find.ANY. sooo I guess I’ll haveta just try to buy online?!!

    Oh, the wanting and waiting! :/

    • I’ve heard that from other people! That’s crazy! My Sally’s has them just sitting around collecting dust. Idk if they have all the flakies but they have some. My Sally’s did a terrible job advertising them, they didn’t have a display showing how they look over black or anything. I guess that’s why some are still there. I hope you get some!! Cuz they’re awesome! 🙂

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