Checkers ‘n’ Hearts Nails

Good Afternoon,

Today I have some nails I’m especially proud of. They were SUPER easy but I just like the color combination and I think they look really cute. They’d be great for Valentine’s Day, which is coming right up!

Checkers ‘n’ Hearts Nails:

low light

low light

These nails were so easy to do! Here’s how to get these nails:

  • Paint your nails white, then use the SE 22 stamp to stamp on the checkers with Konad special black polish
  • Use SH Insta-Dri Rapid Red to make two diagonal lines that meet at the bottom, making a heart (next time I’ll do this twice so I have a double coat and they aren’t so sheer).
  • Make a heart on each nail, then apply a layer of OPI clear, then Seche and ta-daaa!

How cute are these?! If you don’t have a checkered stamping plate you could modify this design by using scotch tape to do a large checker nail and put a heart in the middle of that. Look here to see my checkered mani I did a while ago with scotch tape. Follow those instructions to make black and white squares, then add your hearts like I explained above. Mary from Swatch and Learn commented on my Beautylish page that these nails remind her of the card soldiers in Alice in Wonderland and now that she said that… all I can think of is Alice in Wonderland! These will also be fun nails to wear around Valentine’s Day… I always like an alternative to pink 😉

Thanks for reading!


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