Purple Glitter Trifecta Zigzag Nails

Woo hoo! Happy weekend everybody!

This morning I have some awesome, sparkle-tastic glitter nails for you. The inspiration for these nails came from the polishes themselves. It seems like ever since I bought OPI Grape, Set, Match with its purple base and pink and blue shimmers I keep seeing other polishes with those same colors in them! Color Club’s scented and super chunky glitter Very Merry Berry is fuchsia/purple with blue, and for Christmas I got an unnamed LA Colors that’s purple, fuchsia and blue glitter. It seems like they’re all practically the same polish only different consistencies. Grape, Set, Match is the shimmer, LA Colors is the glitter and Very Merry Berry is the superchunk glitterbomb.

This is what happens when you combine three awesome polishes:

In low light you can kind of see the three different polishes divided by diagonal lines. You can definitely see how similar all three of them are.

Nearest the cuticle is Grape, Set, Match, then is the Color Club glitter, and nearest the edge is Very Merry Berry

Look hard to see the zigzagging dividing lines

OooOOooh, sparkly!

How to Get These Nails:

  1. Apply your favorite basecoat.
  2. Paint the entire nail with 2 coats of Grape, Set, Match.
  3. Apply a layer of Seche Vite, allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. Tape off nails in a diagonal line from the left or right (your choice) side at the base of your nail to the halfway point of the opposite side.
  5. Paint the exposed nail with Color Club glitter, remove tape.
  6. Apply Seche Vite, allow to dry a few minutes.
  7. Tape off your nail from the highest side of the glitter to the opposite free edge of your nail. Just a slice of the tip should be exposed now.
  8. Paint the exposed triangle with the superchunk Very Merry Berry glitter, remove tape.
  9. Apply several coats of Seche Vite. You’re going to need several to smooth out the last application of glitter.
  10. Allow those to dry and admire your super sparkly nails!

I wore these nails to my husband’s basketball game (they won, FYI, and it was a great game! :)) and I was the scorekeeper… let me tell you, under the fluorescent lights of the gym my nails were ridiculously sparkly! It was downright distracting seeing these sparklers hit the clock and score buttons all the time. 🙂

Thanks for reading! Happy Polishing! ;D

Commenting is Caring!! ;D

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