Tropical Sunset Nail Art

As promised, this morning I’m showing you my nail art done on top of China Glaze’s Sunset Sail. These make me think of my friend and future sister-in-law because she’s obsessed with all things tropical and specifically Hawaiian. 🙂 She loves sea turtles (which are also featured on some nail art coming up), Hawaii, these Hawaiian orchids that are purple and blue which she’s having in her wedding… she just LOVES Hawaii. I think she’s been there several times and SURPRISE her and my brother are going there for their honeymoon 🙂

Let’s get to the nails:

For these nails I used:

  • OPI clear polish as a basecoat
  • Base: China Glaze Sunset Sail
  • Palm Tree: NOPI Khloe Had A Little Lam Lam, using plate SE 18 from my new Salon Express stamping kit
  • Water: OPI Fly
  • Sun (which, by the way, is totally in the wrong spot for a sunset!! haha): unnamed Sephora mini polish in a bright orange color
  • Seche Vite topcoat

I love these nails, but when I do them again I think I’ll just do the palm tree scene on one nail as an accent nail. Also, I’d put the sun where it belongs for the sunset!!! These, with the pictures on all the nails, are a little nail-art-y for me but I still think they’re super cute! I’m really enjoying my new nail stamping supplies 😀

Even though the sun being in the wrong spot is driving me nuts, I still like these a lot! 🙂 They make me want summer to hurry up and get here already. What do you think?

Commenting is Caring!! ;D

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