Rihanna “We Found Love” Inspired Nails

Hello again, everybody! 🙂

I have heard Rihanna’s single “We Found Love” plenty of times and I didn’t really get what it was all about. I mean, I knew the words, sang along to them, etc, but never really broke it down and thought about the meaning. I always liked the song  just fine but once I saw the video… love.

The video is all about the ecstasy of a new relationship and then how it gets caught in a cycle of destruction and just gets completely obliterated. Also- the similarities between the video and what we, as the public, know of the Rihanna/Chris Brown relationship are not lost on me. The guy who stars in this video is cuter than Chris Brown, but has the same bleached blonde hair and dark eyebrows, they have an argument in a car (remember those horrible pictures of Rihanna post-car-fight?) and to me it just seems like this video may have been really cathartic for Rihanna. After the picture of her all battered up came out she sorta went into this “I’m such a hard core b*tch!” kinda zone and I’m glad she’s out of it. Although I do believe she’s strong and everything, I didn’t really like her that much when she was trying really hard to prove it. It was like she thought she had to prove how tough she was because that happened… I just wanted to tell her “That is not a reflection on you… you don’t have to prove anything.” I’m glad she seems to be done with all that. 🙂

So I was watching the video and the whole song like finally all came together and made sense for me I immediately loved it and decided I wanted to do some dark nails to go with it. I hope you’re familiar with the video otherwise you may not “get” them. Here they are:

I did the distressed red/black nails to represent the fighting and anger, the glitter and flakies are all the fun and excitement, but they’re matted cuz it all has a dark undertone, and then the sponged on hearts represent the love that still existed. The (attempted) eye is there because it’s just an iconic freaky part of that video, showing how things ramp up into something crazy. I left the eye and the hearts shiny but everything else is matted/muted.

Anyway, I hope you appreciate them. Leave comments in the form below! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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