Nicki Minaj “Fly” Nail Polish Review and Combos With Save Me and Super Bass Shatter

I am not a word, I am not a line.

I am not a girl that can ever be defined.

I am not fly, I am levitation.

I represent an entire generation.

Off the whole Pink Friday album, Fly is my favorite song so it’s only fitting that Fly is my favorite polish! 🙂

In all pictures I have Fly on all fingers except the ring finger. On my ring finger I’m wearing Ogre The Top Blue


There was some speculation that Ogre The Top Blue from the Shrek Collection and Fly were dupes. I was one of those people who thought that was the case from the promo pics. I was wrong! Did It On Em and Who The Shrek Are You are close, but Ogre The Top Blue and Fly aren’t even close. OTTB is a bright sky blue color, and Fly is a slightly teal blue. In the pictures they look similar, but in real life they aren’t even close. I LOVE Fly! It’s just such a beautiful aqua color and makes me think of Caribbean water and summertime. This is a Spring collection, but what’s Spring if not the hype man for Summer? 😉

Formula/ Finish:

Perfect formula. Not too thin or thick, opaque in 2 coats. The finish is a little less glossy than the other polishes in this collection, but it’s not like you’re gonna wear nail polish without a good top coat, right? RIGHT?!

Plays Well With Others?

Save Me looks especially good over Fly! The holo bar glitter ties in perfectly with the teal blue of Fly 🙂

Save Me and Super Bass over Fly in Low Light

Super Bass looks cool over Fly, but my favorite topper for Fly is Save Me. That bar glitter just plays so much in the light! It's beautiful and fresh.

Yes, Please or No, Thank You:

Uh… YES, PLEASE! I seriously want a back up bottle of this, and I think I’m going to have to get a bottle for my future sister-in-law. Her and my brother are getting married this Summer and her colors are aqua (like this EXACT shade) and jewel-toned purple. I don’t think she’s gonna want colored nails for her wedding pics and everything, and I don’t know if I’m allowed to pick my own nails (I’m the maid of honor), but if I am… I’m wearing this! And if it wasn’t tacky to have blue nails in your wedding pictures… (I would do it, but I don’t think she’d want to)… I would so recommend this color to her. It’s perfect!!

Other Nicki Minaj Polishes:

6 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj “Fly” Nail Polish Review and Combos With Save Me and Super Bass Shatter

    • Thanks! And yeah- me too! I can’t wait for her new album. I think I got these polishes 1/2 for the colors and cuz they’re new and 1/2 cuz they’re Nicki! 😉 Thanks for commenting!

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