Turquoise, Black and Purple Feather Nails


Just a quick post to show a variation on those feather nails from earlier today. All I did was place the same stamp (BM 214) in Sally Hansen Insta-dri Mint Sprint over the stamp on my Purple and Black feather nails. It was super easy and added a little something to them. You can’t make out the feathers very well, but it does look cool with the purple, black and turquoise. I hope you like them:

I think if I used some different colors this would look a little tie-dyed. Don’t ya think? Anyway, it looks cool and since the purple and black feathers were so subtle I felt like adding the turquoise really changed them. I could have worn these for a day and felt like I had on different nails, but as it went, I only wore them for a couple of hours. This nail stamp is changing my life! 😉

As always, thanks for reading!

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