Purple and Black Feather Nails

One of my favorite presents I got this Christmas was from my mom and dad (I ordered it from them for me and they paid for it and gave it to me for Christmas… does anyone else do that???) and it was my nail stamping kit! This is what I got for my kit:

  • Bundlemonster 25 plate set
  • Konad plate holder
  • Konad dual ended stamper
  • Konad metal scraper
  • Konad special polish in black
  • ” ” in white
  • ” ” in silver

I am sooo excited that I got this because it means my nails are going to totally go up a level 😉

I wanted to do something peacock-ish because I lovvvvve peacocks but when I tried using the turquoise polish I have, it was too thin to use for stamping over a dark purple which I used for my base, so instead I just converted it to feather nails. It still turned out very cool. Here is my first full mani that I did with my stamper: (you may need to click on and enlarge these bad boys to see the details)

The black feathers don’t show up SUPER well on the purple (which is OPI Grape, Set, Match) but I like how it looks. I think they look subtle but kinda edgy and rocker. My husband thought it looked like the Batman symbol… (???) but whatever.. haha. I used Konad special nail polish for the black, but lots of regular nail polishes will work, so you don’t HAVE to buy their polish. You will, however, need to pick through your own and find a quick drying formula that is a one coater.

Here are more pics of my feather nails:

I LOVE my stamper! Later today you’ll see a little differentiation with these nails. The stamper makes it so easy to have the cutest/coolest nails and it’s so easy and fast! I definitely recommend that you get yourself the same kit I got myself.  I think I got all my stuff, including shipping for about $40. It’s DEFINITELY worth it. 🙂

Do you have a nail stamper? I’ve been seeing them pop up around (in Sally Beauty Supply for one) so I’m hoping it doesn’t get played out.. but we’ll see. (fingers crossed) Thanks for reading!! 😀


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