The Importance of Proper Underwear

Okay okay… before you get your actual panties in a bunch… I’m talking about nail polish underwear. Sometimes a color is just too darn sheer to layer to opacity. Or sometimes you have a nail polish you really love so much you don’t want to waste it layering it 8 billion times (that’s definitely what I think about my Clairvoyant!). The answer to these problems is: Underwear!!

(Nail polish) Underwear is a base color of polish you apply before your actual color so that it isn’t too sheer on your nail and doesn’t reveal a VNL (visible nail line). I got 9 bottles of LA Colors nail polish for Christmas and one that I tried last night was just so sheer! I love jellies but gosh! This was crazy. I put something like 5 coats on, then a coat of glitter (my plan was to make a glitter sandwich) then at least 3 more coats of the color and you could still see a VNL and bits of Khloe Had A Little Lam Lam under my nails. Gross.

It was unfortunate that I didn’t prepare my nails better with some polish undies because I took a BILLION pictures and had to erase them all because of the nasty polish under my nails showing. Oh well, lesson learned. I found an old Avon Speed Dry Polish called simply “Strawberry” that was a pretty good match to the unnamed LA Colors pink jelly with irregular glitter or micro flakies.

Here is Strawberry by itself:

Avon Speed Dry is a really  nice quality polish. It was mostly opaque in one coat, but I added one more just to cover a little streakiness in my application. I would definitely buy more Avon Speed Dry Polish, although from what I remember their colors are rather uninspired, but it IS a good quality polish for sure.

Here is my LA Colors polish over Strawberry:

This is soooooooo much better! I should have done the glitter sandwich effect just for consistency sake, but I didn’t.. oh well. The polishes matched perfectly and I think this LA Colors polish is really pretty. I’m not sure if it’s a bit of a flakie or just irregular glitter (what’s the difference anyway?) but I like it. I’m not much of a pink lover but I can see myself wearing these nails when I’m feeling like some Barbie nails. I particularly liked my glitter sandwich that was ruined, like many Britney Spears photo ops- by the lack of underwear.

I usually call this technique a “base color” but calling it underwear is so much more exciting! 😉 Do you use this technique very much? How do you like jellies? OPI is supposed to have a few sorbets (aka: jellies) in their Dutch Spring collection. I can’t wait!! I guess there are a couple sorbets in the Texas collection but I don’t have them. Do you? Let me know what you think using the comment form below! Thanks for stopping by! 😀


3 thoughts on “The Importance of Proper Underwear

    • LA Colors is a super inexpensive drugstore brand. I got most of mine at Fred Meyer and I even found a pretty holo glitter at the dollar store. They’re a little elusive, but around. Their formula is very nice as far as application goes (smooth, easy to work with) but the ones I have are pretty sheer. They’re made to be sheer but they don’t build up to opacity very well like last year’s sheer OPI summer collection or thin Essie polishes. At around $1 apiece, so long as you have your proper polish panties on, they’re a good value and they have some very pretty colors. Quite current which you don’t always see with bargain brands. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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