Good vs Evil… Part 2 (aka: tiny bottles or GIANT HANDS?!?!)

Hello again! Here is the second part to my Sephora by OPI “The Garden of Good & Evil” minipack review. Something that I also forgot to mention in my last post is that my brother-in-law gave me a gift card to Sephora for Christmas so I’m gonna be able to get even more goodies!! He gave me waayyy more than I was expecting… it was SO NICE! And he’s so smart… getting me a gc to a makeup/nail polish place 😉 I may actually buy some new perfume with it… but we’ll see 😉

The next two polishes in this collection are two greens that I actually love. I promised in part 1 of this review that one polish was disgusting yet intriguing and the other was lovely but somewhat problematic. First is the disgusting one:

Completely Fern-ished:

Low lighting

Now, I know I said this color is disgusting.. and really, people… it is… it’s like a (I’m just gonna say it) baby diarrhea brown/green tinged with yellow. Now, that being said- I still like it! Haha. It’s an army green jelly, and when I put my first coat on in was streaky and SUPER sh**ty looking, and I was over at my mom’s and she was like “Ew, YUCK! barrrrffff. THAT’S a bad one…” but then after the second and third coats I was thinking “Huh… I kinda like that!” and I really do! It’s an interesting shade to say the least, not for everyone, and that’s why I like it. People are going to notice these nails… they may like them or hate them but they’re gonna see them!

I don’t know that this shade is widely flattering but since I’m being honest- I don’t care! I’ve never seen a nail polish that I’m like “Ew, THAT looks bad on me.” I just don’t care if it’s flattering. I guess I wouldn’t wear a mismatched mannequin hands polish because it would just look wrong, but anything else is totally fair game according to me. Call me tacky, call me whatever… but that’s the truth. 🙂 Everyone should have a “so ugly it’s interesting” polish to wear… and this is a pretty good version of that.

Tempted by Teal:

Low lighting and no top coat

Tempted by Teal is a super pretty, bright metallic teal/turquoise. It’s opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on application but the problem I have with this one is the brush strokes! Oh my goodness! This one definitely needs a healthy coat of SV to smooth it out. I really like the color of this one, though. It’s much brighter than what you typically see in Fall/Winter collections but that’s okay with me! 🙂 I don’t love love LOVE metallics in general but I love teal/turquoise and I actually can’t wait to use my new Essie Matte About You matte top coat and mattify this bad boy. I think it would look super pretty mattified with some silver or holo glitter sponged  on the tips. Don’t you think so?

Well, this is the end of the Good vs Evil posts… did you get any fun nail polish sets for Christmas? Mini sets are good and bad- good cuz you get to try lots of different polishes, but bad because sometimes you love a polish but then can’t find it again! That happened to me with OPI Gift of Gold a couple years back. Just FYI, if you love the ugly/awesome Completely Fern-ished… you should know it’s only available in this mini pack. 😦

See ya next time!

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