Good vs Evil… Nail Polish Edition

Hello all you polish people,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I sure did! Gosh, I think this was the best Christmas yet. Lots of awesome presents (you’ll see quite a few popping up here in posts!), delicious food (my mom’s prime rib was EXTRA delicious on Christmas day this year) and lots of fun with my family (I’m sorry to be so snobby, but my family has GOT to be the #1 most fun family there ever was.. sometimes wildly inappropriate but SO fun. We just laugh our butts off all the time.)

Here is one present that my husband gave me:

Sephora by OPI "The Garden of Good & Evil" collection mini-pack

I’m so happy and surprised that he got me some nail polish! He’s so funny because when I do my nails (which is, like, ALL the time) he acts as though the fumes are killing him. I keep telling him practically all my polishes are Big 3 Free so we’re good, but you’d think I just put a rag with turpentine on it right under his nose!! This present proves that he must not mind too much!

The first 2 from the pack I’m going to show you are “Frankly I Don’t Give A-dam” and “Eve-y On The Eyes.”.

Frankly I Don’t Give A-dam:

This polish is a light dove grey creme with beige undertones. It’s nothing especially unique, but has a great formula and is a flattering greige for probably anyone’s skin tone. This polish is opaque in 2 well applied coats and has a shiny finish. I took these photos with no top coat. I think this greige has almost a lavender quality to it… but you’d have to see it in real life and make that decision on your own. 🙂 I will use this mini bottle up, but probably not rebuy since I have colors similar to it in my stash.

Eve-y On The Eyes:

Low lighting

I have heard some people call this polish unremarkable but I really like it. It’s a soft, almost dusty purple creme/jelly hybrid with a bit of a fuchsia shimmer. It’s similar in color-combination to OPI Grape Set Match (only less shimmery) and Color Club Very Merry Berry (only not a superchunk glitter), but I still like it. I like the dusty quality to it. I think it’s a super pretty everyday type color. I really want to do some three-stripe nails using this, Grape Set Match and Very Merry Berry… it’d be cool to incorporate the three of these. 🙂

The next two I will be sharing with you are “Completely Fern-ished” a disgusting yet intriguing shade and “Tempted by Teal” an AWESOME color but it has some problems of its own. Stay tuned to see those two! They should be coming right up (edit: here they are!) as I plan on having a bit of a post-a-palooza today. 🙂 Thanks for reading! Leave comments using the box below.


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